Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Girls Weekend & Girlfriend Birthday Giveaway Winner

Our girls were home for the weekend.
The main event was their dad's college band reunion.
(Those pictures deserve a blog post of their own)

While dad was busy with set up and rehearsal...
We had some special girl time of our own.
Emily had planned a little bachelorette party for her big sister...
You see, the next time we are all together,

Amy and Nick are getting married!

Champagne with a splash of Orange Juice.

Grandma met us for lunch...

Next stop...Pedicures!
The girls treated me too, my birthday gift.
Thank you so much.
I loved the pampering!

And don't worry...
we still had time to choose my birthday giveaway winner.
Congratulations to Robin of the Primitive Hutch.
(I will need your mailing address asap)

Be sure to stop over and sign up for her birthday giveaway!

I cannot say how much I appreciate my girlfriends...
those in person...and those online.

Take care,

p.s. Stay tuned for pictures from the
Precious Cargo Reunion Concert.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What'cha Workin' On Wednesday

I'm getting pretty tired of all of this Spring Cleaning...

Plus, I've had some pretty fabulous summer prints waiting on my cutting table...

I just really needed to get into the sewing studio to stitch up a few Infinity Scarves.

Just in time for the start of the Summer Season.

I have some soft woven rayon...

and some light chiffon prints...

and shimmery soft satins...

and some light cotton knits...

And today was a perfect day 
to be out on the patio taking photos.

Watch for these Infinity Scarves in my Etsy Shop...
(or just contact me directly, if you might be interested)

I hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday.
Take Care,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mail Call

My Swap package arrived! I just love getting packages in the mail!!
Thank you to Robin from Baggaraggs for organizing this little supply swap.

It was a Round Robin Swap...and my package came from Jacquie.
She delighted me with fabulous coastal notions...

Vintage notions...
Coordinated to perfection!

Jacquie, Thank you for everything...
You make Me Happy!

I hope you all had a marvelous Monday.

Take care,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Have a great day, honey!

Best wishes to all fathers, everywhere...
Enjoy time with your family today.

Some of you may have seen my facebook profile pic this weekend...
yes, that's my daddy and me.

I'm missing him more than ever today.
Happy Father's Day to you, too.
Sweet memories.

Take care,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Blog and a Birthday Giveaway

It's my blog's birthday...she's 4 years old today!
So... it's time for my annual birthday giveaway.

I've put together a little package just for one of you...
it includes all of the items you see here, 
(plus anything else I might add in the next week.)

My inspiration for this giveaway is this little book...
'girlfriends get together'
food, frolic and fun times

The book includes simple recipes, 
planning tips and pages to scrapbook your girlfriend memories...

Be a follower of my blog and
sign up on this post.

Sign up through June 23rd, my birthday.
We will draw a for a winner on June 24th.

Have fun.
Take care,

Flag Day

The Birthday of the Stars and Stripes
'Tis the Star Spangled Banner,
Oh, long may it wave.
O're the Land of the Free,
and the Home of the Brave.

Proudly display your flag.
Take care,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Where the Weekend Went...

Now that it's summer, Friday's Happy Hour Jazz Group has moved outside.
It was a great evening with good friends, good food, and good music.

We were celebrating the anniversary of friends, Kari and Alan.

The complimentary anniversary dessert is called Death by Chocolate...
(Is this restaurant implying something here?) 

My Saturday's Work...

I started the complete kitchen cleaning/organizing project.
Overwhelming? Yes...

And...Another Celebration...
Friday=wedding anniversary...Saturday=Birthday!
And not just any birthday...a 50th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Alan!!

His family hosted a lovely party in their home...
And daughter, Ashley, has mastered the fine art of delicious cupcakes.

Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake...Yum!

I hope between your weekend chores,
you had a chance to relax with good friends and family.

Take care,

p.s. Our weekend also includes a late morning brunch.
My hubby makes the most perfect hashbrowns.
Chick here for a print friendly copy of the recipe

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