Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What'cha Working on Wednesday ~ Halloween Family Tradition ~ Then and Now

Have you carved your pumpkin this year?

There are so many elaborate designs,
but hubby and I went for the more traditional Jack O' Lantern.

My hubby usually does the cutting, while I roast the seeds.
This has been our family tradition, for years...
our girls carved their pumpkins with their dad.

As Empty Nesters, we had some fun remembering
our Jack O' Lanterns of years gone by.

This is the first of our married life in 1981.
Our first house had the cutest little breakfast nook.
Hubby made the table and I sewed the cafe curtains...
we hung the wall paper together.

Hubby and our Jack O' Lantern in 2013.

Hubby and our Jack O' Lantern in 1981.

And me with Jack O' Lantern in 2013...

and me with Jack in 1981.

Kinda scarey how we've aged?!

Have a safe and spooky Halloween.

Take care,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tip of the Day ~ Personal Care, continued...

The forecast was for snow,
but I was not expecting this!
When I opened the door to leave at 6:50 this morning,
I was greeted with this view!!

I'm guessing we had a couple of inches of snow on the driveway.

Anyway, more about personal care...
with both wrists in splints,
I've changed the way I do a lot of things.
Actually, I've changed the way I do most things!

For at least half my life, 
I've used a curling iron to style my hair.
But a curling iron requires the use of a 
strong thumb and the twist of the wrist.

While Hubby is more than willing to pick up the duties of all cooking, laundry and cleaning...
he is not interested in polishing my nails or curling my hair.

Velcro Rollers!
Who remembers these? 
I had a stash of these velcro rollers hidden away in the bottom drawer in my bathroom.

A roller is light enough to handle with my right hand,
and I can twist and press it into place with my left hand.

The Problem?
I was getting up at 4:45 in order to get my hair dry before I leave for work.

google image

The Bonnet Hair Dryer!
And, who remembers these??
Another blast from the past!

Of course, I hadn't seen one for years,
but there it was...for
I ordered it.
It arrived within a week.
It's pretty sweet...well worth the cost...
Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks!

Take care,

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where the Weekend Went & Saturday's Work

Our Sunday Night Supper is nearly ready to serve...
I can't believe the weekend is nearly over!

(I just love the aroma of a pot roast in the oven.)

Physical Therapy started this week.
While this equipement looks impressive, I have been assigned some very simple exercises...
and my right hand still seems quite useless!

We have three new restaurants in town and Hubby and I were invited to the "soft opening" here.
We tried these Buffalo Chicken Nachos...
that's waffle fries, chicken, wing sauce and celery.

Saturday's Work
While my right wrist is limited to lifting the weight of a pencil,
my left hand is getting stronger and more coordinated.
I never thought I'd be so happy to dust and to unload the dishwasher...
the first household chores I have done in four weeks!

With our work done in the a.m.
Our afternoon was free to watch some college football.
The NDSU Bison won, 56 to 10.

For the second straight week, hubby has picked up branches and leaves from our yard,
filled the pickup, and taken them out to the landfill.
This is a view of our beautiful autumn weather from our front door.

I hope your weekend was productive,
yet, you found some time to relax
and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Take care,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things in my House Thursday ~ The Little Things that Make Me Smile

Perhaps you saw her on my table in yesterday's post...
just a little sneak peak.

I fell in love with her last summer.
We had gone into the cities for a baseball game, shopping, 
and fine dining.

And there she was...
displaying pretty cupcakes amongst the other goodies 

And then she showed up again the next day
at the Home Goods store.

I tried to put her out of my mind...
I mean, did I really need a jeweled cupcake tree?

Ummm, clearly the answer was yes!

Isn't she beautiful?!

Plus, she does nice work,
wouldn't you agree?!

Take care,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday?

Correcting projects and calculating grades.

First term ended Friday with final projects, 
end of couse exams, 
and make up work all handed in.

Second term started Monday, 
so this week's focus has been on meeting new students,
 and intruducing new classes.

However, the grades are due Friday...
so this is my evening's work.
I hope to have these grades finalized by tomorrow!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Tip of the Day ~ Personal Care

If you should ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you can't use your hands or wrists, 
you will quickly realize that the things you once took for granted, 
are now a difficult, or maybe even impossible task. 
 Hopefully, you will have a loving, caring support person to assist you with your personal care.
(Thanks, hubby)

Here are some tips that I've picked up in the last three weeks.
Visit your Veterinary Clinic and ask for an OB Sleeve.
Yup, this is the long glove that your veterinarian uses during a large animal appointment.
Whether you have a splint, cast, or large bandage,
it works well to protect your wrist and arm during a shower.

It slides on easily and extends to your armpit.
Large rubberbands will hold it in place...
 then fold the upper edge down, 
and add another rubber band.
Never once, did my splint and ace bandage get wet!
(Thanks to my sister-in-law for this great idea and for the sleeve)

After my shower, it hung to dry 
with this clothes pin hook...
and I kept the rubber bands
handy here.

As far as products, I'm not promoting any particular brand,
but the way that they are dispensed.
Some lids are difficult to twist or pop open, 
but I found I could use a pump with my elbow!

And did you notice my shampoo bottle is upside down?
This keeps the product close to the bottle's opening.
I use a squeeze bottle by placing it in the bend of one elbow and catching the product with my other hand.

I find my left hand getting stronger and more coordinated...
but my right hand is limited to lifting nothing heavier than a pencil.
However, I think a mascara wand meets the weight, I'm back to applying mascara my usual way!

Now, if anyone has ideas for applying some deoderant, 
please share them here!

Take care,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Fall Y'All & Saturday's Work

We are experiencing the cool, crisp weather 
of Autumn here in the Dakotas.

It stopped raining long enough for hubby to clean up the branches and leaves in the yard.
We shopped for our cornstalks and pumpkins,
and we also found this great wreath for our front entrance.

These fall wreaths adorn our garage.

I think Callie, our helper cat, approves.

(My Saturday's Work was not really work this week,
since I still  can't  lift anything heavier than a pencil.)

Hubby and I went to the storage shed to bring back
the tub of fall decor.
The wreath for our bannister...

Cheerful calico & homespun pumpkins...

Warm & cozy afghan...

Ceramic gourds...

The garland for our table...

It was actually more play than work!

Enjoy the rich, warm colors of fall.

Take care,

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