Sunday, February 28, 2016

Date Night ~Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner ~~Mardi Gras Style ~~~The Highlight of my Week

Hubby and I received an invitation to the 
Safe Harbor Fundraising Event yesterday.

Thank you to our gracious host and hostess 
and to the sponsor of our table, Northwestern Energy.

The event, with a Mardi Gras theme,
was a benefit for Safe Harbor, our local domestic abuse shelter.

We arrived early to enjoy the Silent Auction and Casino.
Hubby doubled his "Fun Money" at the Black Jack Table.

Dinner was tasty...and yes, it was a "chicken dinner"!

Cajun Sauteed Chicken with Shrimp
Andouille Vegetable Etouffee

Butter Rum Cake

And then, they announced the winners of the Auctions.

Hubby had placed two of his winning Casino tickets 
into the drawing for this coveted prize.
And... they drew his ticket!!
Yup, the Coach Purse was mine!

It was tough to top that...
however, the enterainment was so much fun.

kept the crowd on their toes!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Free Lab Friday" Report ~Cinnamon Roll Waffles ~Putting Pinterest into Practice

Once each term, my Foods class is rewarded 
with the opportunity to prepare anything they wish, 
as long as they bring the ingredients...
(and that it doesn't involve peanut butter).

One of my senior girls had seen
 this idea on Pinterest.

Simply spray your waffle iron with non-stick spray.
Place prepared cinnamon roll on heated surface.
Cook 3 to 4 minutes until golden brown.
Drizzle with cream cheese powdered sugar glaze.
So easy, and such a sweet treat!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend and
 feel refreshed for another work week.

Take care,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday to Valentine's Day, Continued ~My Best Friend Brings Such Sweet Surprises ~~Highs and Lows, A Bit of a Scare and Thinking About my Mother

I came home on Wednesday to this pretty pink gift bag on my porch.
Hubby was out of it couldn't be his work.

As soon as I looked inside, I knew it was my friend, Lorie.
She makes the best rolled sugar cookies...ever.
Plus she packages them in these pretty little bags.

Also, she knows my obsession with coffee scented candles.
We have shopped together enough to know 
that they are few and far between.

She certainly knows how to make my day!

Thank you, dear Lorie.

So, shortly after opening my gift, it was time to get to work 
as it was the eve of Parent/Teacher Conferences.
A teacher's goal is to have grades completely up-to-date at this time.

The biggest task is to enter all of the missing assignments 
that students hand in late.

"Mrs. Geffre, can I still had this in??"
"Yes, of course."

So, I was on a mission.
I had to run out and check the mail and bring the garbage cans from the street up to the garage.

Yup, you guessed it.
Went down at the end of the driveway.
There was a light dusting of snow over the ice.

I still had my soft splints from my incident two years ago.
With my Acute Osteoporosis, I was afraid it was broken.

But this time...much better ending to the story.
Praise the Lord.

This is a tough time of the year for me.
Those of you who have lost your mother can relate.
Three years ago, my mom fell and broke her hip.
After the surgery to repair her hip, she suffered a stroke.
A few days later, she flew to the angels.

Some of you remember that she wrote her own obituary,
and she left this poem for me.
"Miss Me, But Let Me Go"

Today is the anniversary of her funeral.
I still think about my mom everyday.

Take care,

Friday, February 12, 2016

TGIF ~Where the Week Went ~~From Super Bowl Sunday to Valentine's Day ...and So Much In-Between

It was an event filled week.
A favorite in my day is driving to school 
with a beautiful sunrise in full view.

The week began with Funday Sunday...
and the Super Bowl.

I volunteered for appetizers, 
as I wanted to share our tailgating favorites.
Green Olive Dip

and Buffalo Chicken Dip.

There's nothing better than watching 
the game with these good friends.

Patty made homemade meatloaf.
Perfect for Meatloaf Sliders.

Kari's salad was so delicous.
Spinach with red onion, avocado, 
raspberries, and feta cheese.

So much more to share, but this blog post is long enough.

Enjoy your weekend.
Spend time with the loves in your life.

Take care,

Saturday, February 6, 2016

This Special Young Woman Celebrates a Birthday

Happy Birthday Week to our Amy.
It was a special week, indeed.
We could not be together in person, but she lived in my thoughts

When our children are no longer living in our nest,
the anniversary of their birth takes on a whole different meaning.
It's not about party planning for their little friends.
It's all about cherishing the special memories and happiness that they bring to our family.

(I remember my mother would rather come to visit me on my birthday, 
not for us to visit her on her birthday...
now, I get it!)

A firstborn child changes a couple into a family.

This special baby intoduced me to the most important role in my life.

This pretty little baby grew up into the most beautiful woman.
Beautiful, inside and out.

She lives time zones away.
She's at work when I wake up and she's asleep when I get home.
We don't actually get to talk during the week.
I always look forward to our weekend facetime chats.

She and her hubby bring a generous spirit to our holiday gatherings.

And they are a big part of our family holiday traditions.

Amy is always so expressive, living and loving the moment.

Here she is after a round of golf with the two men in her life.

As the big sister, she paved the way ...

always taking care of her baby sister.

Amy, you bring sunshine and joy to our family.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Love, Mom

Happy Weekend!
Take care, everyone,

This is How You Party When You Turn 95

Great Grandma celebrated all weekend. Her Assisted Living Facility hosted a lovely party for her. Hubby and his sister are there by her side...