Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Furry Friends are Such Faithful Friends

This cat, this very special cat, came to live with us
seventeen years ago.
Callie was adopted by our daughters, but when they left for college,
she adopted me as her human.

She is my helper cat.
She follows me from room to room.

Correcting papers...

cleaning house...

and creating in the Sewing Studio.

Today, I am so sad to tell you that she is not doing very well.

Hubby and I think she has suffered a stroke.

A week ago, she was herself,
engaging, social, such a sweet kitty.

On Monday, we came home 
from work to a very different cat.

We are just keeping her comfortable,
hoping she will sleep away in the comfort of our home.

Give your pets an extra hug tonight.

Take care,

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