Sunday, November 25, 2018

With Thanksgiving in the Memory Book ~We Shop Till We Drop ~Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Report

Thanksgiving is such a warm and wonderful holiday.
I love seeing all your photos of family gathered for the special day.

I am one that does not promote shopping on Thanksgiving. 
However, our family does have a tradition of going out for 
Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

“Ok, but first shop local”
Hubby and I went out again Saturday morning.
First we did some errands to the USPS and Bank.
But then, it was all about the local Boutiques in our community.
Our first purchase was at the Mainstream Boutique.
One of my former students is one of the owners.

We were actually hoping our first stop would be at the CJ Patisserie 
for a little breakfast pastry...but they were closed for the weekend. 
We were quite disappointed.

Next stop was our Mall.
We visited Riddles Jewelry,

The Hallmark Gift Store,

And Bur Mars, owned and managed 
by one of Hubby’s Classmates.

Here we are at the Catching Fireflies Boutique,
Also locally owned and super friendly.

We spent most of our time downtown.

The Karisma Boutique, has women’s clothing & accessories upstairs 
and menswear downstairs.

They share their space with Lost & Found Occasionals.
Since I didn’t take a photo, here is their most recent Instagram Post.
I loved browsing in there.

When we were leaving, they wanted to take a photo 
of us for their Facebook page.
So, I asked if I could take a photo of them 
to share with you here.

It was a successful shopping day!

Since we didn’t get a pastry for breakfast, 
we were quite hungry for lunch.
Keeping it local, we had a Burger here at the Circus.
Yes, that is their entire kitchen.
It is amazing the variety of food they can prepare, 
and it is always delicious!

Support your local businesses, 
not only on this special Saturday, but always!

But, what did we do on Black Friday?
Shopping, of course.

This photo was taken in our family in December 2008. 
Our daughters were both home from college 
and had an impromptu Sister Slumber Party, 
each sleeping at opposite ends of our sectional.
That piece of furniture has been 
well loved over the decades.

This fall, we have been shopping around 
looking for suitable replacements.
That was our mission on Black Friday.

It is soon time to put all the fall decor in storage 
and bring out the Christmas Trees. 
I look forward to wrapping those gifts 
and hiding them under the tree!

Take care,

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Thanksgiving Preparations

It’s Thanksgiving Eve.
Today was the first time...ever, 
that I have had a day for pre-preparations.

Remember those appetizer plates that I found at Target for 90% off.
They are washed and on the table.
I found Thanksgiving napkins in my stash of Holiday supplies.

I used items from around our house 
to create a centerpiece for our table.

I had pinecones, mini pumpkins, and fall floral picks on hand.

I cut bread for the stuffing 
into cubes and toasted it in the oven.

It warmed my heart 
when I brought out my Thanksgiving box 
and found these towels that I received 
from a good friend. 
Thank you, Debra.

And whoooo’s coming to dinner?
Our group is small.
Hubby’s mother and sister, 
and Dr. Robyn, from our Animal Care Clinic.

This photo of a Pumpkin shaped Cheese Ball 
showed up in my Instagram Feed this week. 
It is from the Today Show’s Food page.

It starts with two bricks of cream cheese,
Roasted Garlic Powder, Smoked Paprika, 
and Worcestershire Sauce.

After that is thoroughly mixed, 
fold in red pepper and green onion.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese is added,
And used to coat the outside of the cheese ball.

Here’s the magical part. 
It is wrapped tightly with plastic wrap, 
and shaped with rubber bands.
I can’t wait to open it tomorrow!

If you are interested in the recipe 
it can be found on my Thanksgiving Board on my Pinterest Page.
Follow the link in my blog’s left sidebar.

Cranberries were next.
I have tried a variety of recipes over the years,
but always come back to the one on the label.

Fresh Cranberries
Water & Sugar

Simmer, then cool.

I love how all the flavors compliment each other.

But most of all, I love spending time with family, 
giving thanks for all of our life’s blessings.

Best wishes for a warm 
and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Take care,

Monday, November 19, 2018

Winterfest 2018 ~Here’s My Report

Final Winterfest Preparations were 
to create a bag for these Santas. 
Stitched of burlap and filled with pinecones and red berries...
it is a cross-body man bag. It was the necessary finishing touch.

Our vehicles were loaded 
and when hubby came home from work, 
it was snowing heavily. 

A winter weather advisory 
does put folks in the Holiday Spirit, 
and in the mood to shop for Santas and Snowmen.

I think we set up in record time this year...
It took about three hours!

We assemble the display stands first, 
then hubby hangs the lights
while I fill the shelves with our creations.

My Santa Wine Gift Bags compliment 
Hubby’s Wine Bottle Necklaces. 

Pilgrims in the Pumpkin Patch here.

Santa made it downtown with his new man bag!

My Infinity Scarves were displayed 
in Vintage Luggage, 
allowing shoppers to 
search through the fabrics.

Hubby takes charge of technology and the cash drawer... I finish our display.

There are Turkeys and a Dolly in the Pumpkin Patch, too!

These are the Santas that are created 
with Vintage Buttons from my Grandma’s Button Tin.

This is the last piece of this Vintage Wool. 

We enjoyed Winterfest Weekend.
Thank you to all who stopped to say Hello!

Take care,

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