Thursday, January 31, 2019

Things In My House Thursday ~The Little Things That Make Me Smile ~Snowman Collection Still Relevant

When my Santa Collection goes into storage, 
the snowmen come out to take their place.

In the Dakotas, Snowman Decor will take us right up into March. 
Sometimes we get our biggest snowstorm the week of Spring Break.
Here is our forecast, it looks like we will have a two day reprieve...
and then more snow and cold.

Yesterday, I showed you our snow covered patio. 
This snowman looks quite at home out there.

I am starting to regret the “Let it Snow” message here.

We are thankful for our warm house, warm cars,
warm food, and warm clothes.

This snowman is sporting a denim vest with
hearts for Valentines Day.

Just like the Santas, over the years, 
whenever I created a new design,
I kept one for my own collection.

Stay safe and warm, everyone.

Take care,

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It’s All About the Weather Right Now ~Hubby Has a New Hobby

January in the Dakotas...
We expect snow and cold.

However, this is extreme. 
We set a record low temperature this morning...
this is the actual temperature.

Factor in the wind chill, and it feels more like this. 
Not fit to be outside more than a couple of minutes, 
therefore no school, 
no mail delivery, 
no garbage pickup.

This was the view from my sewing studio window.

And this is what it looks like out on our patio. 
I guess we won’t be grilling anytime soon!

We are thankful for our warm house, 
and warm man cave .
Hubby has been experimenting with a new hobby.

It requires creativity and a steady hand.

It all started during the holidays. 
He made muddlers to send to our sons-in-law, 
(along with a cocktail set with other bar tools)

He is also practicing with these honey dippers.

When he perfects his skill, 
he can use special wood like this.
This is such a pretty piece.

Stay safe and warm, my friends.

Take care,

Friday, January 18, 2019

It’s That Time of the Year ~Looking for the Blog Worthy ~Where the Week Went

In January, the Holidays are just a Memory, 
and we all return to the ho-hum routine of our everyday life.
No one wants to see a blog post about me doing chores, 
but that is how I always start my day.
I wash up any dishes from the night before 
and wipe down the counters...
you know, to start the day with a clean slate.

Do you see that little sign hanging to the right of the sink?
It is this poem that starts
“Thank God for dirty dishes”

Karen, remember your mom taught us to recite that poem 
when I stayed with you at your house. 
We had to wash and dry all the dishes before 
we could go outside to play.

Years later, I taught the poem to our daughters,
and it makes me smile when they still recite it 
when they are home for the holidays!

Our week started with a FaceTime date with this sweet little boy.
We enjoyed visiting with his parents, too!

Another January problem, 
when you feel too fat and lazy to stand up to get a drink of water.

Here’s what I do miss about teaching...
the relationships with sweet, smart, talented young women, like these. 
This photo was in my Facebook Memories this week, and it made my day.
Now, these women have graduated college
and are working in career jobs, or are in graduate school. 

Hubby had to travel for work early in the week.
I prepared White Chicken Chili in the crockpot.
I had enough for four meals!

I mentioned before, since the New Year started,
 I have been working to reclaim my Sewing Studio.

To reward myself, I create something...
Currently making bunnies for Spring and Easter.

Stay tuned to see the finished project.

Last, but not least, 
this January problem.
Once again, our weather is 
the top story on our local newscast.

Take care,

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~My Santa Collection Soon Ready for Storage

The time has come. 
Time to pack my Santa Collection into a Storage Tub. 
This little guy was the new addition this year. 
He came all the way from our family in Okinawa. 
Since he is so special, 
he may stay out for a couple more weeks.

The Nisse also stays out all year. He was a gift 
from our Norwegian Foreign Exchange Daughter and her family. 
According to Scandinavian folklore, this character 
is responsible for the protection and prosperity of the home and family.

Not that I am superstitious, but I’m not sure 
I want to see what happens if I pack him away!?

The first Nisse watches our front door.

We received this one when Amy & her Hubby 
were stationed in the UK. He guards our kitchen.

Each Santa is unique with its own personality.

This gift is hand painted.
Some people have so much talent.

This Santa memory touches my heart.
I had surgery in November 2005. 
After some minor complications, I returned to the hospital. 
I was there for Thanksgiving and the following 10 days.
To surprise me, Hubby decorated our tree 
with new ornaments and this Santa was at the top.

We purchased this guy for that Christmas
when both our daughters and their husbands 
were coming home for the holiday.
It was something about Santa holding a little girl with a 
teddy bear that I just had to display in our family room.

Many of my Santas are handmade.
This Old World Santa was created year ago, 
with my crafting friend, Tammie.

We have been setting up a booth 
in local Arts & Craft Fairs for over 20 years now.
At first, I saved one of every Santa I made.

But you can imagine with two decades of my 
Santa creations, I just ran out of room here.

This year, this Santa sold out very quickly. 
He is created with Vintage Buttons 
from my Grandmother’s Button Box.
I do know that he has gone to a very good home.

Also new this year....this Santa. He is one of my favorites.

Did you all see this towel set in Target’s Dollar Section?
I purchased three, and sent them to our daughters.
It made me happy to know that since we all spent Christmas apart, 
we were all looking at the same Santa kitchen towel!

It looks like there is another fan of 
Santa in our family.

Take care,

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