Sunday, August 28, 2022

Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends ~Just One More Day with our Sweet Granddaughter

After thoroughly enjoying our “sleepover” with good friends,
we returned to spend another day with Little Joelle,
and her parents, of course.

It seems like she grew,
even in those two days when we were in Florida.

Cat Boy had to sneak in one more cuddle.

We loved being a part of her routine at home…
Nap, Diaper, Feeding, Playtime, Cuddles,
Then repeat.

Our outing for the day was to Bruster’s

They have Coffee Ice Cream there…
Gigi’s Favorite.

The next time we visit,
Baby JoJo can maybe have a taste of ice cream, too.

That evening, Papa and Gigi stole every opportunity
to snuggle that precious bundle of joy.

We are Blessed.

Take care,

Friday, August 26, 2022

Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends ~Reunited, and it Feels So Good

Our good friends moved away this summer.
They are now close to their family
and can be a part of their grandchildren’s lives.
Plus, now they live in a much warmer climate.

However, we certainly miss them at home.

Since we were visiting our family in Georgia,
it was the perfect opportunity to make a side trip
across the border into Florida to see our friends,
their home, and their new community.

We spent a lot of time together over the years.

This friendship started decades ago.
Hubby remembers his first paying gig was
when Dennis called him to play drums in his group. 
Hubby was in Seventh Grade.

They continued to play in Jazz Groups together over the years.
And when the husbands played, we wives tagged along.
Patty and I were both teachers and we would chat about
our week at school,
our families,
and any new recipes that we had tried.

Remember this group?
They played two or three weekends a month before the Pandemic.
Sweet Memories.

We celebrated special occasions together…
Like birthdays,


And even Holidays.
This was the Thanksgiving when we had a Snow Storm
and our friends couldn’t travel to be with their families,
So we set a place for them at our table.

This is another great memory.
Dennis and Patty had an Apple Tree in their Backyard.
I needed Apples for our Foods Classes at School…
Enough apples for
32 Apple Pies
14 Apple Crisps and
8 Pans of Apple Dumplings to be exact.

We picked large tubs of apples, enough for all that baking
and even shared some with the Life Skill Classroom.

Back to our Trip, and yes, Cat Boy traveled with us.
Their new home is in a lovely neighborhood.

Cat Boy pictures himself on a movie set…

But it is just part of their cozy Living Room.

Cat Boy met a real live cat here.
Skitter likes to sleep in the closet
in this sock drawer.

The next morning we went to their Fitness Facility which features
a beautiful pool and water play area for children.

Inside, there was a good variety of exercise equipment.
We took advantage of the treadmills.

Lunch was simple. Patty and I created a Charcuterie Board,

While the husbands mounted a TV on their bedroom wall.
We relaxed out on their screened-in patio to eat and enjoy a beverage.

That evening we went out for Beers and Burgers.
The four of us reminisced, we laughed, and we cried.
We stayed up late, and woke up early just
because we had so much to chat about.

Cat Boy said his goodbyes to Skitter the cat.

Hugs and a few more tears as we said goodbye.
Then we were on our way.
We’re already talking about when we can visit again.

Cherish the time you spend with friends.

Take care,

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends ~Everyday Life with Baby Joelle ~Cat Boy Does His Part

Those of that have had an infant in your home,
you know the routine…sleep, diaper, feed, burp, play..repeat.
This Papa and Gigi are blessed to be a part of it all.

When Baby Joelle naps, we stay busy with house and yard chores.
Papa uses his lawn and leaf blower every day at home,
so why would it be any different here?!

Mama and Gigi left Joelle’s Daddy and Papa in charge
to make a quick trip to Target for some essentials.

Gigi loves to fold baby laundry.

Baby JoJo loves to take a bath.

Joelle’s parents are a good team in the kitchen.
This night we had Salmon on the Grill.

When the Tummy is satisfied, it’s fun to lay on the Play Mat.

Gigi and Mama went out the next morning, too.
A little pampering was long overdue.

We’ve been eating like royalty.
The next evening, Brisket was on the Menu.
Daddy was in the kitchen early to prepare the seasonings.

Here it is..ready for the Smoker.

Gigi’s assignment was to prepare the Baked Beans,

And Vegetable Pasta Salad.

While in the kitchen, it was also a good opportunity
to make some Banana Oatmeal Muffins.

It was a lovely day for a walk in the stroller.
Quite relaxing, indeed.

When we returned, the brisket was ready for
the next step in the preparation process.
Not long until dinner, now.

Life is Good.
We are Blessed.

Take care,

Friday, August 19, 2022

Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends ~When Papa and Gigi Met Baby Joelle ~Papa’s Birthday Celebration ~Cat Boy Got in on the Action

We are over the moon happy to be in Georgia with family.
And meeting our new granddaughter was
the sweet icing on the cake.

That evening, the very first time I held her
she relaxed and took a little catnap.
Such a little cuddle bug.

Joelle is the sweetest little girl.

When she is showing her fussy side,
the Football Hold is her
favorite position to get comfortable.

Of course, JoJo needed to meet Cat Boy,
since he made the three day trip with us.

For Papa’s Birthday,
JoJo’s Parents planned a little outing.

Community Burger is nearby,
and who doesn’t love a good Burger?!
Plus it’s a place that gives back to the community.

Joelle was so patient while we ate.
She accepted her pacifier and took a tiny snooze.

The Reformation Brewery is in the same area,
so we were able to walk there to continue our celebration.

It was a beautiful evening, however it was time for
the Parents and Grandparents to
get this little baby home and into some pajamas.

Sleepy Baby.

After a good night of rest, Joelle was full of stories for her Papa.

Cat Boy was a good listener, too.
Best Day Ever!

We are Blessed!

Take Care,

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