Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Spring Break Road Trip ~Burger Battle Continues ~Travel to Visit Family

Thanks to Google for leading us to this awesome lunch spot,
The Garage Burgers and Brews.
Hubby loves a good burger, and we especially enjoy  lunching
in a locally owned, Mom & Pop restaurant.

This is the Ultimate Brunch Burger…
Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, a Burger, and “the Garden” all on a bun.

My Side Salad was perfect with a Quarter of that Burger
and some Crispy, Yummy Tots.

We had said “Goodbye, See you next year” to Memphis.

And we were making good time.

We stop occasionally to stretch and get some steps.
Of course, there’s always something to look at for creative inspiration.

Here, I see a lot of Banana Bread in someone’s future.

While it’s still gloomy here, I’ll take the gray skies with
green grass over what’s happening at home.


Even gray scenery can be striking.

This day we had lunch at Drakes Come Play, featuring a
wide variety of tasty Smash Burgers.

Their side salad was a BLT.
Bacon really does make everything better.

After four days on the road we reached Georgia and our family.
Both our daughters, Sons-in-Law, and grandchildren
gathered for dinner all under one roof…
It is a dream vacation for us.

Take care,

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Spring Break Road Trip ~Burger Battle Begins ~Visiting Family ~Sights, Sounds, and the Tastes of Memphis

As predicted, our Spring Break Trip started out in a winter storm.
We left early enough, so we could get down the road
before the snow got heavy.

Y’All remember our last “Burgers Across America” Tour?
Hubby and I enjoy this lunch plan when we travel.
Google and I find the Best Burger and Brew Pub along our route.
This was Red Robin’s New Tycoon Burger.
Those Burgers are huge. Hubby orders fries for his side.

I order a side salad and Hubby shares…
just a quarter of his burger is enough for me.

Iowa, this is where we drove out of the snow.
Still gloomy and raining, but better than the snow!

Missouri, still gloomy.

Near St. Joseph we have discovered a good place to stop
to stretch and get some steps…
The Jesse James Antique/Vintage/Handmade Mart.
There are two buildings, each with two floors of items to browse.

So much to look at, providing plenty of inspiration
to get back to my hand stitching while riding in the car.

Also Gloomy in Arkansas.

Finally, Tennessee.
We had plans to stay with family and see the sights in Memphis.

Here’s a closer look at that pyramid to our left of I-40
It’s the Bass Pro Shop, 32 stories high, and a wilderness inspired interior.

We had a wonderful visit with Betty
and her Hubby while exploring the Pyramid,
their favorite Brew Pub, and a local eatery.

So many people there, as the rain had cancelled the
Memphis St. Patrick’s Day Parade,
and everyone was forced inside to have their fun.

An elevator takes visitors to the 28th floor
to go out on the lookout balconies.

The facility has restaurants, a 103 room hotel with Tree House Cabins,
a 13 lane bowling alley, alligator pools,
and 600,000 gallons of water featuring 1800 fish.

Thank you Cousins Betty and Jerel for your warm hospitality.

And thank you to Fat Larry for the
tasty Memphis BBQ.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

March Means ~Spring Cleaning ~Spring Snow Storms ~Spring Break Road Trips ~St. Patrick’s Day ~and March Madness

The month is already half over. Where has the time gone?
Every day is the same, filled with house chores, physical therapy,
and deciding what to prepare for dinner.

March Motivation came from the the anticipation of a
Spring Break trip to visit family.

We are driving across the country, so a Car Snack Bag is essential.
Must remember Chip Clips for the Pretzels and Popcorn, 
 a roll of paper towels, and a bag for trash, too.

Of course, I need a project bag if I’m going to ride shotgun for days…
hand stitching, magazines, and crossword puzzles.

We watched the forecast for home and for the states along our route.
With the prediction of more winter weather here in the Dakotas,
it is a good time to plan a trip South.

Lizzie’s Spring Break plan is to stay with Great Grandma.
It looks like they will enjoy each other’s company.

Goodbye hugs for our Furry Friend.

Spring Break, Here we Come!
Stay tuned…

Take care,

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Sanford ~My Home Away from Home ~Recovery Report

I am still going to Sanford once, sometimes twice, a week.
I appreciate each and every one of you that have left kind comments
and kept me in your prayers.
I know it is your love and friendship that has
motivated me to work hard at healing.

I am also aware that many of you that are reading this,
are also struggling with issues of your own.
 I keep you close to my heart, in my thoughts and prayers.

It has been a while since my last Recovery Report.
Appointments at Imaging and with the Orthopedic Physician
 were a little disappointing.
There was not much more evidence of healing,
so I will visit them again in April.

And yes, that Snowflake on the wall is still proper decor.

I  have mentioned how convenient
it is to walk from the clinic to the hospital.
I walk right through the cafeteria…
sometimes they are preparing Bacon.
It smells absolutely delicious.

There is an outdoor seating area.
I was thinking it will be a while before anyone can go outside to eat.

This is one week later…haha
It’s getting worse instead of better!

How about a peek of the flowers in our kitchen
to remind us that Spring will come.

I see my Sanford Therapist now just once a week.
And I continue to do the stretches & exercises at home twice a day.

I will miss my sessions with Elaine every week.
She is as good for my mental healing as
she is for the physical healing.

Yesterday, after Therapy I walked over to the clinic
for Lab Work to check my Sodium Levels.
Remember, that is what started all this…
24 weeks ago.

I’m happy to report that my levels are all in the acceptable range.
The message from my Primary Care Physician was that
“It is perfect!”

Right, I had to walk through the cafeteria.
It smelled like Bacon.

This was the view of the outdoor seating area.

Here’s that reminder that Spring is on its way.

Stay and Warm, my Friends.
Take care,

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Reunited ~Spending Time with Special Friends is Priceless ~Planning our Spring Break Road Trip

A reunion with these special friends was long overdue.
We’ve all been friends for years.

We gathered in each other’s homes or
went out and about together once a week…
For Happy Hour, for Dinners, and
for Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations.

There was a Gift Exchange.
All were favorites, and all were consumable.

A perfect gift and a perfect way to spend our Saturday afternoon.

We said Goodbye to February, a bittersweet month for me,
 as both my Mother and Daddy went to their Heavenly Home years ago.
I think about them often and
I have many fond memories to reflect on during the month.

My Helper cat was by my side
as I took put away the Valentine Decor.

And she supervised as I decorated my
Bathroom Vanity Tree for March.

I think she was proud of our work.

As you know, March came in like a Lion here.
It has been a full time job for Hubby to
keep up with clearing the snow.

We are looking forward to warmer weather.
Our family has invited us to travel south and visit…
Remember our Spring Break trip last March?

Soon we will trade the view of these branches here …

…for these Spring branches in our family’s neighborhood.
We can’t wait for warm sunshine,
Plus, being with family will warm us from the inside out!

Take care,