Friday, October 18, 2019

The Owls are Winterfest Ready ~What a Difference a Week Can Make

Finishing touches on the Owls are complete.
They are ready to travel to Winterfest.

Remember last week at this time?
We were in the midst of an early Winter Storm...

It started Thursday and lasted through Saturday.

Last Friday, this was the view out our front door...

And this is my view today.

Last Friday, this was what it looked like out back.

Today, the morning sun was so beautiful.
And all the snow is gone.

What’s been keeping me busy?
This week I have been painting
on those wooden Santas and Snowmen.

Lizzie, my Helper Cat has provided good support.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
Take care,

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Winterfest Preparations ~Crafting ADD is Strong

With six weeks until our local Winter Arts Festival,
I have several projects on my work table.

My helper cat has gotten involved to select fabrics,
and most importantly provide good support.
She wasn’t quite sure how these pieces of Chenille
would become snowmen...

But I think she gets it now.

These Turkey Tail Feathers are soaking in my
Vanilla Coffee Solution for that Rustic Aged look.

Helper cat is also right there to offer support to Hubby
as he creates new Wine Bottle Necklaces.

Hubby has also been busy in his woodshop.
While the paint dries on these Santas and Snowmen...

I can create hats and scarves for these snowmen.
Sounds like it will be appropriate to put snowmen out
with our witches and black cats this October.
Currently, a Winter Storm Warning for our area.

This photo was in my Facebook Memories today.
Looks like Callie and I were in full Winterfest Mode
three years ago on this day.

I will be living by this Philosophy for the next few weeks.
Stay tuned to follow our progress.

Take care,

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Woah, Oh Listen to the Music ~Doobie Brothers Concert ~ Here’s my Report

Hubby purchased tickets to the Doobie Brothers Concert
months ago...he worked till noon on Thursday,
and then we were on the road.

We drove cross-country,
and saw some cows that look like Oreo Cookies!

Driving cross-country also requires us to 
drive through a car wash when we get to the city.

Once checked into our hotel,
we changed into our concert attire.
Then, we left to hang out 
with the rest of the 70s Rockers!

First stop, The Toasted of our favorite places
to get a pre-concert bite to eat.
Our good friend, Alan,
drove over from Valley City and joined us.

Then we walked over to the Civic Arena
for the Concert.

The Doobie Brothers did not disappoint.
They played all of our favorite songs.

We had seats in the second row of the balcony.

By curtain call, we were down on the floor!

Look how happy these boys are
in their new Doobie Brothers Souvenir Caps.

It was a great way to kick-off our weekend.

Take care,

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~It’s Time for Winterfest Preparations ~Wise Old Owls

With our Winterfest Application on our counter,
my helper cat and I decided to start a couple of projects.
We started by selecting appropriate fabrics.

We took inventory of the items that are in storage.
These are listed in our Tins and Treasures Etsy Shop,
but will be on display during our Winter Arts Festival.

I have a list of things I want to still make this fall...
some new creations along with some old favorites.

Winterfest is a juried show. 
Photos are submitted with our application.
The committee reviews all applicants.
After a two week wait, we received our acceptance notice!

So now it’s time for some big finishes...
starting with this project.

The Owls are ready for their beaks and some stuffing.

It was a good day for staying inside and stitching...

...And a little napping.

Stay tuned to see the finished project,
and what we’re working on next.

Take care,

Monday, September 30, 2019

Our Weekend Report ~Celebrating the Inauguration of a President ~Congratulations Dr. Alan LaFave

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend of celebration 
with our friend, Dr. Alan LaFave,
and with his family and friends.

Events started on Thursday evening with a recital.
Alan is such an accomplished musician.
He performed beautifully on the clarinet.

Here he is with his Graduate Professor, Advisor, and Mentor,
Dr. Robert Spring of Arizona State University.

All of these musicians shared their talents with us.
The recital was just so inspiring.

Then everyone moved to a nearby venue for a reception.
I was proud of our Aberdeen Jazz Group 
that provided the entertainment.
Alan joined them for a couple of tunes.
And the food was delicious.

We gathered early the next morning.
Here I am with the First Lady of VCSU.

The Processional was so impressive.
Many of us were moved to tears.

The collegiate choir performed 
such a special arrangement of a song called “No Time”.
It was truly beautiful.

Then the big moment.
It was time for the Investiture and
Presentation of the Presidential Medallion.

The Inaugural Address by our friend was heartfelt,
emotional, and uplifting.

Valley City State University’s President enjoying a photo session
with representatives of the student body.

It was time for everyone to relax
and have fun the rest of the evening.
After some appetizers at a nearby Sports Pub...

We attended a concert by Transit Authority,
a Chicago Tribute Band.
We all just loved the music.

Alan was called up to the stage to address the crowd.
The trombone  player to his right,
was one of his students when he taught music.

It was a lovely autumn day.
We all made our way home, leaving
Valley City State University in very good hands.

Congratulations to our dear friend, Alan.
We were honored to be a part of your special day.

Take care,