Sunday, February 16, 2020

Valentine’s Weekend ~Here’s My Report ~It All Started with a Lovely Dinner Party

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate love.

We were invited to a Dinner Party with
our Friday Night Friends.
We get together every Friday to celebrate the weekend.
We are all retired, empty nester couples...
all of our children and grandchildren live far away.

Our hostess, Wendy set a lovely table.
The red heart doilies under our salad bowls stole my heart.

Here we are...the Galentines.

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Wendy worked all afternoon on her Bolognase Sauce.
She kept it warm in her crockpot.

Charlotte prepared her Olive Cheese French Bread.

And Patty tossed her Salad with homemade dressing.

My assignment was dessert.
I made a Chocolate Ribbon Cheesecake
with a Strawberry Garnish.

Here’s my recipe if you are interested.

Here are our Valentines.

A gift from the heart...
There isn’t anything better than that.

This came to me in the mail this week
from my long time college friend, Debra.

I love, love, love, getting something in the mail
besides bills and junk.

“Much too good for Children”
Who else remembers this quote by Mrs. Trunchbull on Matilda?

Sending love over the miles.
Guess which card is from our grandson, Jack.

Of course, Hubby treats me like a Queen.
His coffee-themed card, a new mug, and a Starbucks gift card
came together to be the perfect Valentine.

I mean, here’s the bottom of my new mug!

So...our Valentine’s Day lives on with these chocolates.
You all remember those Crystal Candy Dishes on my table?
Hubby’s favorite candy on the left,
My favorite candy on the right,
And something for everyone in the center.

Take care,

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Things in Our House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~Valentine Hearts

Last month I traded out my Santas for Snowmen.
Here in the Dakotas,
they can stay out on display until Spring Break.

Many of them are adorned with Hearts for Valentines Day.

This tree on my bathroom vanity,
that  lights the way when I get up in the night,
is also decked out for Valentines Day.

This alone makes me smile!

This is the box where I store my Sweet Valentine Stuff...
cards from my Hubby and our Daughters,
along with some little craft projects we created together.

My Valentines Mugs that were gifts from years ago.

Heart Shaped Crystal Candy Dishes...

... prompted a trip to Target to purchase
cute Heart Sharped Chocolates.

These angels have been on our work table...
Now ready for a new forever home.

Hello, Dolly.

Sending you love and smiles.

Give Thanks for all of life’s blessings.

Take care,

Monday, February 10, 2020

That feeling you get...

...When Grandpa and Nana are coming to visit.
Our daughter and family have moved stateside.
Jack’s daddy will be away for some training.
Congratulations to Jack’s mama,
who has just secured a job.

We FaceTimed during Jack’s dinner,
he had plenty to tell us.

Nana will travel first to help with child care
while Mama goes to work and
gets the family settled in their new house.

Grandpa will stay home to take care
of things in the office, and most importantly,
take care of our cat.

Grandpa will join us for the last part of my stay.
We can see both of our daughters,
both of our sons in law,
and help celebrate Jack’s Birthday.

We are blessed!

So I showed you how Jack looks when we FaceTime.
Apparently this is how we look to them! Ha

I blame it all on the trifocals.

Take care,

Friday, February 7, 2020

Remembering our Mom and Grammy ~We said Goodbye Seven Years Ago

My mother cherished the time she spent with family.
We all tried to visit her as often as we could.
Here we were, celebrating one of her
milestone birthdays at her Assisted Living Facilities.

Remember, I had gotten the call seven years ago,
before 7am on January 28th.
Because she was a high-risk patient,
she was being transferred to the hospital in Grand Forks.
We made arrangements so we could travel and meet her there.
Typical for the Dakotas, the temperatures were frigid.

She had surgery, however, suffered a stroke, and spent
the next week in the hospital before passing away on February 7th.

Being an organized person, she had written her own obituary.
When I opened that box of her important documents,
I found all of her funeral arrangements,
along with this poem.

Mom, I think of you often. I miss talking to you every day.
Especially today, the day you flew with the angels
to your heavenly home.

Take care,

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday Tip of the Day ~How to Make a Heart Shaped Cake ~When Hubby and I Celebrated Our First Valentines Day Together

Yes, that is me, on Valentines Day, four decades ago.
In the 80’s, my hair was styled
with a curly perm, and I had contacts.
(You’ll need to scroll down to see my hubby.)

For dinner, I had prepared a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza,
cause that was his favorite food.

And a Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cake.

I had posted this to our recipe blog, five years ago.
There’s no need to purchase a special heart shaped cake pan.

You can read the directions and special tips on that post.

Who else had that Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook
when you were growing up?

It is easy to put the heart together
and you can decorate it for your Valentine,
or for Mother’s Day like in the photo.

Speaking of my Valentine, here he is.
He brought a bottle of bubbly and the long stem red rose.

Make plans to spend the evening with someone you love.

Take care,

Monday, February 3, 2020

Happy Birthday, Dear Amy ~Best Wishes for a Wonderful Day

Birthday Cheers to our First Born Daughter, Amy.
We wish you a coming year of love, happiness, health, and prosperity.

Today is a special day, indeed.
This day, her birthday, made us parents,
a role that not everyone is lucky enough to fulfill.

You had quite a year of adventure,
and we were honored to be a part of it...
whether in person,
or catching glimpses from a distance.

You have gracefully worn may hats...
wife and mother, daughter and sister, 
friend, coworker, and neighbor.

I am sharing a collection of photos
that I have saved over the year.

So long for now...can’t wait to see you again.

Have a great Birthday
and an awesome year ahead.

Take care,
~Mom and Dad