Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Visiting Boston Back Bay ~Spending Time with Family ~Day Six

Emily and Jake had an appointment downtown Boston. 
Hubby and I tagged along. They dropped us off here.

We enjoyed the shops at Copley Place. 
It was easy to get my wheelchair in and out of the stores.

So much to look at...so little time!

Dillon’s was our recommendation for lunch.
Built in 1887, it is a historic Boston Landmark. 
It is named after Captain Dillon who was stationed 
there from 1920 to 1950.
(This is their Facebook photo)

You can see it here on my photo, way to the left.
Dillon’s is known to be the best patio in the Back Bay...
a local favorite.

Here are the lunch regulars.

We ordered a good ole’ SD Angus beef burger 
and fries to share.

Not sure what we all did before cell phones, 
but Emily messaged us when they were finished 
and they scooped us up off the street.

We spent the evening at a nearby driving range.
Hubby was as happy as a clam.

The guys discussed their strategy at length.

Emily and I took charge of ordering some appetizers.
They had a great menu here. 
This is their Signature Burrata...
soft mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, pesto, 
and balsamic on a grilled baguette.

And of course, when in Boston, one must order some seafood. 
This is their Calamari served over arugula, 
drizzled with lemon garlic aioli.

The guys hit a bucket of balls.

Emily and I enjoyed watching them play.

Thank you for the great evening.
We are blessed.

Take care,

Monday, June 24, 2019

Goodbye New Hampshire ~The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort ~Hello Boston

This family of geese was there to greet us 
when we checked in to Tall Timbers...
and stopped by to say goodbye when we were packing up.

Our weekend host and hostess suggested 
a stop for lunch about halfway back to Boston.

The Mount Washington Hotel is a National Historic Landmark, 
and a definite must-see in New Hampshire.
It was built between 1900 and 1902 at the cost 
of $1.7 million (approx. $51,197,000 today)

This is the very elegant ballroom and dining room.

The view from the balcony is breathtaking.

Speaking of balconies, this is Carolyn, the owner’s wife.
She spent her summers there for over a decade.
She was known to stand on this balcony behind a curtain
to watch all of the guests come down the stairway 
to see what all the ladies were wearing.
She wanted to assure that she was the 
best dressed woman at dinner.

She was always the last to enter the dining room,
and sat alone at this table.

Since there was a wheelchair available, 
my family was able to bring me along on a quick tour.

Most fascinating was the prohibition bar. 
It is a speak-easy style with stone walls 
and appropriately called The Cave.

There is a trapdoor in the floor 
where they hid the liquor.

We all enjoyed a light lunch in the enclosed porch...
Such beautiful presentation of the food and beverages.

Completely satisfied, we all got back into our vehicles 
for the drive into the city.
As you know, Emily took me directly to 
the Convenient MD Urgent Care Clinic for X-rays 
and the guys returned our rental car.

Stay tuned to hear about our time in Boston.
We are blessed.

Take care,

Friday, June 21, 2019

And Then, All of a Sudden, This Happened...

Yes, you see that right. 
That is my foot, with an Ace Bandage, and an Ice Pack.

While hiking up north,
I slipped on a patch of mud and wet leaves.
It all happened so fast.
All of a sudden, I was on the ground.
I twisted both my knee and ankle...
To be on the safe side, 
I stayed off my foot for the rest of the weekend.

Once back in Boston, our first stop 
was the Convenient MD Urgent Care Clinic.
After X-rays, I left there with a temporary splint.

By the next morning, I had an appointment 
with the South Shore Orthopedic Center.

There is a slightly displaced fracture in my fibula near my ankle.
I was so very relieved to hear the words, 
“It won’t require surgery”.

I am also thankful to be fitted with a knee brace and boot, 
instead of a cast.
It is great to take it off to sleep and take a bath.

By the time we secured a wheelchair, everyone was hungry.
So, the next stop was the Hingham Beer Works.

No reason to cry in our beer...a celebration was in order.
It could have been so much work.

We all ordered a bite to eat.
I enjoyed the Whole Grain Toast with Avocado, 
Cucumber, Lemon, and Lobster.
Sooo delicious.

It looks like I’ll be seeing Boston from a Wheelchair.

Thank you, family, for helping me get around to see the sites.
We are Blessed.

Take care,

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Celebrating Father’s Day ~Where We Spent the Weekend ~Days Two and Three

We stayed at the Tall Timbers Lodge and Cabins 
in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.
This was the view from the balcony right off our bedroom.

Pittsburg, NH, is way north...
about 7 miles from the Canadian Border.
It is a great place to stay if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

The cabins are rustic, but so comfortable. 
We had four bedrooms with two bathrooms...
it’s more like “glamping”.
This was a great room for the family to gather 
and make plans for the day.

The kitchen had everything you need for basic meal preparation.
Becky also brought some things from home.

The porch was frequented to fire up the grill and
 to watch the activity on the lake.

Jake’s mom brought the provisions for our meals, 
with the exception of Saturday Night.
We ate at the Rainbow Grille & Tavern.

The restaurant has been featured as 
one of New Hampshire’s Best.
I can see why...everyone loved their meal.

I ordered the scallops and had enough for a 
second meal when we got home.
They were topped with Panko Crumbs & Parmesan 
in a buttery wine sauce.
So Yummy.

Sunday was another beautiful morning.
Jake and his sister, Jessica, with their father.

Emily with her Father.
We all have plenty to celebrate.

We secured two rowboats.
One for the “seniors” 
and one for the “millennials”

The fathers, with worms in hand, 
took the boat out again for some serious fishing.

The trout were biting.

While catching a fish is fun for everyone, 
unfortunately they didn’t catch enough for a dinner.

It was a good thing Jake’s mom brought a backup...
the Ribeyes on the grill were delicious.

This was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

We are blessed.

Take care,