Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Welcome Summer ~An Evening at the Lake ~~Tuesday's Tip: Take the Shuttle

We have had some beautiful evenings here...
and it is just the beginning, as tomorrow is 
The First Day of Summer!

After a week of work, it was time to get out of the city,
and enjoy an evening at the lake.
provides a shuttle bus for those who want 
to make the trip out there as a group.

There are seats for a dozen people to ride comfortably.
They arrived promptly and 
we left our vehicles in a convenient location.
There is no fee to ride the bus,
however it is proper to tip the driver.

Here's what happens when your hubby gets ahold
of your selfie stick.

Seriously, we have the best group of Friday Night Friends.
We are all Empty Nesters, whose children live far away.
Spending time with these folks 
is a great way to start a weekend.

The driver also works out at the resort,
so within short notice, 
he fires up the bus to shuttle us back to town.

It's a bumpy ride...
an adventure, for sure!

It was a beautiful evening,
with beautiful friends.

Take care,

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Mania ~Garage Project Progress Report

Here is how our new "helper cat" Jasmine
has made herself at home.
Obviously, the construction noise 
has not disturbed her rest.

The poured foundation had a week to ripen,
while the contractor reshingled our roof.
Then the garage siding must come off...

Now, the framework can take shape.

Big news in weather was the forecast of a big storm...
possible tornadoes and tennis ball size hail.
My mission was to clear my side of the garage
to get my vehicle inside!

photo courtesty of  Dakota 105.5

The worst of the storm went around us.
We received lots and lots of badly needed rain.
The construcion site looked like a wading pool.

Everything was wet and soggy.

After a couple of days of sunshine,
the ground was dry enough for a shipment of more materials.

And it wasn't long before there were walls 
and roof over our heads.

Here's hubby, home from work,
checking out his new man cave!

Stay tuned.

Take care,

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Remembering my Parents on their Special Day

A Heavenly Anniversary to my Mom and Dad.
I imagine they are dressed up and 
going out to a nice supper club.

And if the band plays "Alley Cat",
they will two-step around the dance floor.

They were married 71 years ago.

This special keepsake is in mom's cedar chest,
which is now here in Emily's room.

I smile every time I re-read that little story.

Take care,

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Celebrating Flag Day ~Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Grandma ~~Happy Birthday To My Blog ~~~A Blog Give Away

Flag Day
A day to commemorate the adoption of our United States flag.
Our community, like those all across the United States,
was proudly flying our Stars and Stripes.

It was easy to remember my Grandma's birthday.
She was proud to share her birthday with Flag Day.
If you have ever scrolled to the bottom of my blog 
you have seen this photo of Grandma and her sisters.

I recently came across this photo.
Grandma Hilda is on the right,
She would be 124 years old.

My blog has a birthday today, too.
My first post was 9 years ago.

And, like blog tradition, to celebrate,
I will prepare a birthday package.

Anyone who leaves a comment on this post,
between now and my birthday on June 23,
will be entered into the drawing.

Take care,

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Memories ~My Mother's Day Report ~Better Late than Never

I know...it was a month ago and I have not shared about our day.
It is a difficult weekend for me without my mom.
And with our daughters far away, the house is pretty quiet.
Thank goodness for Face Time.

I received the best mail that week.
This card from Emily and Jake 
with a special personal note.

This handmade card from Amy and Nick...
another special personal note.

USPS also left a package from Emily and Jake 
on our doorstep.
This handy dandy lid is so versatile.

Have you tried these Swedish Dish Cloths?
They're awesome.

They are color-coordinated with
these handmade dishcloths, 
a gift from my fur babies.
Somehow Jasmine & Lucy commissioned 
this gift through a friend of mine!!

How cute are these?!
I can't wait until this garage project is complete,
so we can get our house back in order and entertain again.

It is tradition to celebrate the day with hubby's mom and sister.
It is also tradition to gift her with a hanging basket for her patio.

My sister-in-law prepares the meal and hubby mans the grill.
The steak was tender and delicious.

In my email, a Williams Sonoma gift certificate 
came from Amy and Nick.
I enjoyed taking my time to browse their website.
This pretty colendar was my choice...
and it arrived a week later.

Hubby gave me a new selfie stick with bluetooth capabilities 
to work with my new phone.

We didn't waste any time putting it to use!

And that colendar...
almost too pretty to use.

Thank you, family.
I love your thoughtful cards and gifts.
It was a great day.

Take care,

Friday, June 9, 2017

This Week's Garage Project Update

While outside temperatures are soaring,
I can work in the air-conditioned comfort of our home...
Sorting through the boxes, bags, and binders 
that were in storage.

Just how hot was it outside?

Out in the heat...
the foundation crew was hard at work.

The next step is to build a wall, down in the hole.

And then you get the cement truck to come back 
so you can fill the wall to create a firm foundation.

This needs time to dry overnight.

So, remember when they dug the hole?
They hauled the dirt away.

Then this week they hauled the dirt back again.

And back to the backyard again.
The dirt is needed to fill in around the wall.
(I keep thinking there should be a way to avoid all that hauling...
but there is a lot of dirt involved!)

We have footings!

My phone registered this,
however, according to the NWS
the temperature reached 100 degrees.

Meanwhile, Lucy is competing with Jasmine 
for the role of Helper Cat.
Here she is pretreating my laundry.

Yay for Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,