Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day Greetings to Family & Friends ~~Happy Birthday to Jake

Here's to a safe and happy Fourth of July, everyone.
And a Happy Birthday, to this special guy.

We enjoyed sharing your birthday celebration with you, 
that summer you lived in Fargo.

Just six Saturdays from today Jake will marry our daughter 
and we can call him our Son-in Law.

I hope you have a great birthday weekend...

...enjoy a sweet cupcake or two!

Take care,

p.s. credit for the pretty cupcakes goes to my friend, Karren.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Things in my House Thursday ~Another Birthday Present? ~and the Best Photo Bomb

Ummm...Did you know there is a strange man downstairs.

It's OK, Callie. He's here to install our furnace and AC Unit.
That's right...
The life expectancy of furnace/AC is 15 years...
and it has been at least that.

So... here it is.
My big birthday present.
I might add, installed by a former student.
I love that...
 when I get reaquainted with young adults that I had in middle school,
and now they are successful adults in our community...with good jobs!

And the best photo bomb...
Have a great weekend, everyone.

Take care,

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Mail Call, A Very Special Delivery ~Where the Weekend Went ~~More Birthday Fun

Our daughter and her groom have sent out their invitations.
They designed them together...they are so creative.
And now they wait for the rsvp envelopes to return.

On Friday evening we enjoyed a relaxing evening with good friends.
We started with a garden tour.
Patty and Charlotte were trying to identify some mysterious plants that have appeared.
Since I don't have a green thumb, I felt like they were speaking a foreign language.

They have protection from mosquitoes 
with this screened-in cover for their patio.

Thank you for the lovely evening.

Hubby's mom treated us to a family birthday dinner
with the best comfort foods...
pot roast,
mashed potatoes,
and gravy.

Again, it was a wonderful evening.
Thank you friends and family.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Take care,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Birthday Report ~My Friends and Family, They Spoil Me

My Birthday was a pretty special day. 
I was having a tough time with the realization that 
I am now in the last year of my fifth decade of life.

It was a beautiful morning.
My good friend, Sherri was coming over for lunch.
We have so much to talk about, as we both have a daughter named Emily,
and they are both getting married in week apart!
We hope to meet once a week this summer to compare
our MOB Notes.

Usually, we set out a smorgasbord of snack type foods.
I had made our family's favorite bean dip.
Sherri brought a couple of birthday beverages and fresh fruit.

If that wasn't already enough, she had baked a cake,
and brought a gift...too pretty to open!

We have been friends for almost 20 years. 
Our two girls, and their three children were in dance and on swim team.
We coordinated car pools for a dozen years...until our Amy got her drivers license and could drive all the little swimmers to practice.
Actually, Sherri and I go way, way back...
I was her teacher in High School!

And now, Sherri is a teacher too.
This birthday card was double funny to both of us.
Not only am I a crazy cat lady,
but we think that this is exactly what some of our students might be thinking when we ask them to do something reasonable, like
"please, sit down in your chair."

I did open that pretty box. 
Inside, a pretty, pretty, Vera Bradley mini tote.
It is just perfect for my summer errands,
as my MOB Planning Journal fits inside along with other necessities.

While we were chatting, we received Birthday Greetings 
via FaceTime from the daughter and SIL "across the pond".
And then, the UPS delivered a package from daughter and soon-to-be SIL in Boston.

All of you that sew and craft, will understand this gift.
Gingher Shears are the Cadillac of Fabric Shears.
I have wanted a pair since I worked at Northwest Fabrics in the early 80's!

Hubby had to go to an evening meeting at our church,
but afterwards, we went out and shared a Burger,
and a Birthday Dessert, Amaretto Cheesecake.

Last, but certainly not least...
what was in that lovely gift bag in the first photo?
Hubby gave me this beautiful handbag.
My family knows that I have an obsession with bags...
We cannot pass a purse department when we go shopping.
And I think my hubby has been paying attention when our daughters and I discuss purse criteria...
as this one is perfect!

I just love both bags and both will be well used.
My cravings for a new purse have been satisfied...
for a good while!

Thank you friends and family for a great day.
Take care,

p.s. Remember, I am having a birthday giveaway?
I did draw for a winner, but since this post has been long enough already...
I will announce another day...soon.
Please stay tuned.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to my Hubby ~and Remembering my Daddy on this Special Sunday

Hubby and I can't think of anything better than,
when our whole family is seated around our table.

Here's my hubby, our family's fabulous father,
always seated at the head of the table, in the captain's chair.
He's the "host with the most"...
whether it is serving,
carving the turkey,
or making the best brunch.

Today, it will be your day to relax while we wait on you!

I was born a premature baby, and was pretty tiny.
I needed to stay in an incubator, 
so was in the hospital for the first month of my life.
This four generation photo must have been taken shortly after I came home.
My daddy, his mother Rhuda, and my Great Grandma Kirkeide is holding me.
(Don't you love the wallpaper in our living room?)

And another four generations with Daddy, My Grandpa Gustave,
and his mother, Great Grandma Medheus.
(I am going to have to check that spelling of her name?)

My first birthday, and a gift from Manns. It looks like a new outfit!
Manns Department Store was the Neiman Marcus of Devils Lake in those days.

I liked to do my daddy's hair...
and I'm wondering if maybe I had cut my own earlier in the day?!

Mom's best recipe was her homemade spaghetti sauce.
In fact, the recipe was a secret.
And you know, there are always a couple of pieces of pasta that stick in the colander.

I have the best memories of visiting my cousins in Minneapolis.

I liked to stand on the edge of the bathtub and watch my daddy shave.
When he was finished, he would put the cap back on the razor and pretend to shave my face.
I can still feel how that vibration would tickle and make me giggle.

When my dad mowed the lawn, I would pull that big red wagon along behind.
When I think about it now...that wagon must have weighed more than I did!

This was my mom's favorite picture.
She carried in her wallet till the day she died.
Love you and Miss you, Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all who love, 
care for, and protect our children.

Take care,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday...Already?! ~Planning a Wedding ~~Taking Care of the Details ~~~A Special Sweet Treat

During the school year, my end of the week post is "Finally Friday".
During the summer, it's a different story...the weeks seem to fly by!

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that time is going so fast...
and I still have so many chores on my list.
From August through May, I spend my nights and weekends on schoolwork,
and save all of those big cleaning and organizing jobs for the summer.
And, my list still seems endless.

Not all chores are necessarily bad.  
My wedding mission early this week was to try to locate a local chocolatier. 

How does someone choose just one?

The truffles were beautiful!

Out in the woodshop, hubby is building flower boxes.
He has experimented with a couple kinds of wood.  
We still have a few precious pieces from that old farmstead barn...
I definitely want a couple of these for my table.

Thanks to our neighbor, Lori, we now own another larger mirror...
this will be much appreciated when the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready.

I have a stash of frames in a storage box.  
With a little spray paint, these could be wedding ready.

Of course, I still had chocolates on my brain 
when Lorie and I went on our Wednesday Coffee Date.

We are enjoying a special sweet treat this week. Our good friends returned from their anniversary trip to Hawaii and brought home some pineapples.

At school, we have this fancy pineapple tool.

At home I needed to rely on a sharp knife to cut, core,

and prepare bite size pieces.

Callie and Lucy have been great support as 
I continue to clean in the shop and garage.

Happy Weekend!
Take care,