Monday, July 16, 2018

More Highlights from our Family Time in Minneapolis ~The Sculpture Garden and Walker Art Center ~The Utepils Brewing Co.

Our family stayed in an Airbnb that was within walking distance 
of several family friendly attractions. 
So many times we have driven past the Sculpture Garden 
and we’ve seen that very large spoon with a cherry.

This time, we saw it up close and personal.

This tree was filled with wind chimes.
I do love the sound of wind chimes, 
but pretty sure the neighbors would find 
this many chimes annoying!

Many children were enjoying this swing...
Our girls took their turn.

Baby Jack had his afternoon cat nap in his stroller,
while we walked around the Gardens.

It was a hot and windy day!
The air conditioning, glass of water, 
and cold beverage at the Walker Art Center 
was a welcome relief from the heat.

Jake and Emily have good 
college friends in Minneapolis.
We all met at the Airbnb and then 
walked to the Utepils Brewing Co.

This may have been Baby Jack’s 
first visit to a Brewery.

He does look a little bit concerned, 
doesn’t he?!

Our dinner came from a food truck, parked outside.
Quite delicious!

We enjoyed time with our family and friends.

Then, hubby and I had a peaceful walk 
‘home’ through the neighborhood.

Take care,

Friday, July 13, 2018

How We Celebrated the Fourth

There is nothing better than having 
everyone together for the holidays.

First on our agenda...
Celebrating Uncle Jake’s birthday.
It has become one of our family’s traditions!

Another highlight was having both of 
Baby Jack’s Grandpas together for the day.

It was a perfect day...
Just hanging out with family and friends.
We ate good food, played several rounds of Cornhole, 
and lit up a few sparklers after dark.

We are Blessed.
Take care,

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Baby Jack On The Move Again ~Meeting Aunt Emily and Uncle Jake ~Along with the Norgaard Extended Family

We were fortunate to spend four weeks with Baby Jack 
and his Mama this summer, with one week in Las Vegas, 
and two weeks at Papa and Nana’s house.
Then, the fourth week was the icing on the cake...

...We spent a week in Minneapolis. 
Jack’s Daddy was traveling from work in Okinawa,
and we were traveling from SD to meet him there.

And then this...
Emily and Jake traveled from Boston 
to meet their new nephew.

Again, love at first sight.

Our family gathers only once a year, 
so we make the most of all of our time together...
even bath time!

Jack also met his great aunt Susan.

And his cousin, Georgia.

We hosted a family dinner at the house, 
and Susan brought this lovely lemon cake for dessert.

I agree with Georgia, the frosting was the best!

Baby bedtime comes early, but the rest of us stayed up 
and enjoyed our time together.

Sweet Treats.

Sweet Dreams!

We are Blessed.
Take care,

Monday, July 9, 2018

Baby Jack visits Papa and Nana’s House ~Charming My Lady Friends

Baby Jack and his Mama stayed 
at our house for two weeks.

He had plenty of time to meet our family friends.

He met Paula.

He met Kari.

Then, the next night he met Patty and and Charlotte...

..and Charlotte and Wendy.
He had smiles for all the girls.

By the time he got around the table to his Papa, 
he had discovered the TV up in the corner. 

Who can pass up a World Cup Soccer Match?

Take care,

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Baby Jack Visits Papa and Nana’s House ~Here’s How We Spent Our Time

Having Baby Jack and his Mama at our house 
was the highlight of our summer.

Jack had an early breakfast and then came upstairs 
to kick and roll on the play mat.

Papa and Jack had opportunity for 
some morning conversation...
pretty sure it was hard for hubby to leave for work!

Of course, no one visits Aberdeen 
without a trip to Twist Cone.

I also looked forward to going downtown with Amy.
We had a cup of soup at CJ Patisserie and 
purchased pastries for the next morning!

From there, we walked to the downtown boutiques.
I especially wanted to take Amy and Jack to
The Farmer’s Wife Boutique...

...and purchase something for Baby Jack!

Every day, we three enjoyed an afternoon walk. 
Our home is about a block from our city’s walking trail, 
so it was easy to work that into our daily routine.

We are Blessed.
Take care,

Monday, July 2, 2018

My Birthday Report ~A Celebration Fit for a Nana

The best birthday celebration is one spent with family.
It was a lovely day to go to our StoryBook Land.

“Just Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow,
Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.

This was Baby Jack’s first of many train rides, 
when he visits us in Aberdeen.

The trip takes the passengers 
all round the perimeter of the park.

I’m not quite sure if Jack had 
as much fun as I did?

 Here’s Baby Jack and his Mama with the Castle.
When she was a child we came here 
three to four times a week.

Children of all ages like the petting zoo...
Guess who fed the goats?!

There is much to see and do at Storybook Land.
It will be so much fun when Jack is a little older!

We did find his mama’s brick in the castle.

After a stop at home so Jack could have his lunch 
and we could freshen up, 
we went for our lunch at the Palm Garden.

It was a great choice for our meal out...

I enjoyed the Grilled Shrimp Spinach Salad.

And we purchased their gourmet chocolates 
to take home for our sweet tooth.

My hubby and daughter prepared dinner 
for me at home in the evening.

Thank you, my dear family, 
for a wonderful birthday celebration!

Take care,