Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Little Pampering for Jack’s Momma and Nana

Jack’s Daddy had gone to work early this day, 
so was able to come home to hang out by mid-afternoon.

Jack’s momma made an appointment for us to get pedicures.

Amy and her friends discovered this place near base.

The massage was perhaps our favorite part!

The artwork on our toenails was a close second!

As you may have guessed, we were back on the seawall.

This Dakota girl never gets tired of looking at the ocean.

Don't you just love the detailed artwork,
even on the smallest nails.
Thank you for the relaxing afternoon.

Be sure to pamper your mom 
and grandma this weekend!

Take care,

p.s. Local friends, you know that I am now home.
There isn't much that is blog-worthy going on around here,
so I will continue to tell you about my
once-in-a-lifetime trip to meet our grandson.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Getting Out and About ~Coffee on the Seawall ~Meeting our Grandson ~Day 14

When there is a new baby in the house, most of one's time is spent
with baby eating, sleeping, and his tummy time on the playmat.

After a couple of rainy days at home, it was time 
to go out and about. 
Here's driving on base...

...and here's driving off base.

Can you tell where we are?

Sometimes new mommies need coffee!

This Starbucks is near the Seawall, 
so we three enjoyed a little stroll.

Yes, there was an Island Breeze!

We ended up back in the American Village,
so we checked out some of the shops.

Home again.
There is nothing like snuggling a baby when he's falling asleep,
especially, when it is your grandson.

Sweet Dreams, Baby Jack.

We are Blessed!

Take care,

p.s. Some of you local friends know that I am home.
Since there isn't anything blog-worthy going on here,
I will continue to share photos and stories 
about my trip to meet our grandson

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Where Jack's Daddy and Mommy Work

               Jack likes to visit his Daddy at work.

On days when it wasn't raining, we took Baby Jack out in the stroller and went for a walk.

Some days we just went around the neighborhood, 
but on this day we walked to Daddy's place of work.

    Nick gave me the VIP tour.
Jack listened intently to his every word.

On another day our walk took us to Mommy's work at the Med Center.

I was pleased to meet some of her co-workers!

Jack likes to ride in his seat...
whether it is on the stroller, or in the car!

I am so proud of Jack's parents and the work that they do.

       Thank you for your service.

               We are Blessed!
                    Take Care,

Monday, April 30, 2018

Meeting Our Grandson ~Day Eight

Here, Baby Boy is four weeks old.
He still likes to eat and sleep best,
however, is now alert for longer stretches of time.
He is quite interested in watching what his humans are doing!

We needed to go out and drive to a different base to obtain 
a sticker for Amy's new car. Since Jack and I rode along,
I needed another base pass. Yes, it was still raining.

It was a pleasure to meet another of Amy's good friends.
                She joined us for lunch...

We served this Spinach, White Bean, and Orzo Soup.
You can find the recipe on my Pinterest page.

We all love to snuggle with a Jelly Cat...
         this is Fuddlewuddle Kitty!

This business of being a baby is exhausting!

                   We are Blessed.
                       Take care,

Friday, April 27, 2018

An Evening Out ~Another Taste of Japanese Cuisine ~Meeting Our Grandson ~Day Six

Ramen was one of the things I wanted to try while in Okinawa.

It was raining cats and Shisa dogs when we got there.

                                This is the menu...

Amy's advice was to order what I want, by looking at the pictures.
We each had a bowl of ramen and shared a plate of the dumplings.

The restaurant was long and narrow. The four us sat in a booth.
There is a counter along the other side. Patrons eat quickly...

...then, the waitstaff clears their dishes away, 
and the stools fill in with the folks that are in line by the door.

The ramen was delicious. At first, I was a little concerned about how I was going to eat homemade "noodle soup" with chopsticks...however, one just needs to get it to their mouth and then slurp those slippery ramen noodles the rest of the way! It was certainly a fun experience!! Thank you.

                         Take care,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Getting Acquainted With My Furry Friend ~Jack and Bella

Baby Jack and Baby Bella, just checking each other out.
Amy adopted Bella about 12 years ago when she was in Lincoln, going to school at UNL.

Some of you might remember when Amy and Bella stayed with us 
during one of Amy's rotations for PA school.

Since then, Bella has moved with Amy to Rochester, Mn, to Okinawa, to the UK, and then back to Okinawa. Bella has more "stamps on her passport" than I do! Just kidding!!

Bella is a faithful furry friend, and is now sharing her Amy with a tiny human.
I think she appreciates her quiet space...

...but, in time, Jack and Bella will be good friends.

       Life is good for the furry friend and the tiny human.

                              We are Blessed!
                                 Take care,

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekend Dinner Party ~Entertaining Family Friends ~ Meeting our Grandson ~Day Five

I have enjoyed meeting Amy and Nick's friends while here.
They hosted a dinner party in their home last weekend.
We had this delicious appetizer...
...and, Here's how you can make it.

3 tbsp. Apricot Preseves
4 oz. log of Goat Cheese
1/4 cup Pistachios, roughly chopped 
Drizzle of Honey
Fresh Basil Leaves, sliced for garnish

I was in charge of this Appetizer Platter while Jack was in charge 
of entertaining the guests with his sweet little sounds and facial expressions.
Nick and Amy prepared a meal of Steak, Roasted Vegetables, and Kale Salad.

           Good Food + Good Friends = A Great Evening

                        Thank you for including me!
                              We are Blessed!!

                                 Take care,