Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday Mania~Where the Weekend Went~and Friends for Forty Years

We enjoyed another great weekend 
cheering on the Bison.

Here's another look at these sweet young ladies.
Of course, the teacher in me asked about their classes.
They assured me that things were going well.
They were excellent students in high school, so I expected nothing less.

Watching football in the Dome is an awesome experience...

After the game, we met Cathy for a quick bite to eat before heading home.
First thing she said to me,  "Can you believe we've been friends for 40 years?"

"No, kidding...we're only 40 years old, right?!"

I am so happy we've stayed in touch.  
Cathy is a special woman and I cherish our friendship.

Now, back to the reality of the work week.
It is the end of first term...today.
End of course exams, final projects, checking in books.
New term starts...tomorrow.
New courses, new students, checking out books.
I'm glad this craziness happens only twice during the school year!

Take care,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sorting through my Photos...Looking for the Blog-Worthy...It's Time to Catch Up!

Goodness, it has been nearly two weeks since my last post...
and it's not like we have nothing going on here.
But it does seem pretty routine...maybe dull?
Lucy has helped me unpack my boxes of fall/winter clothes
and store away my spring/summer wardrobe.

One more year of Homecoming is in the books.
My Super Study Students are Juniors!
Can you see them growing up, right before your eyes?!

Thursday was Beachwear Day. 
This was a challenge to find beachwear
that is still "school appropriate".
(Girls, do you remember this dress?I purchased it in Waikiki to wear to the Luau??)

Some students are just so creative!

Western Wednesday was a whole lot easier for us South Dakotans...
need I say more?!


My Super Heros.

"Murica" Monday.

All this fun just wears me out!

This week, things at school are back to normal.
And there are only five days till the end of 1st term.
It's time for students to finish final projects
and study for end of course exams.

And then the correcting begins.
Take care,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday and Things in my House Thursday... It's the Little Things that Make Me Smile

On Wednesdays, we clean for the "cleaning lady"
It's an old joke...but it's actually 
one of the best things that happened to our family.

It all started over 20 years ago.
Amy's preschool teacher loved to clean houses.
She offered to help us out.
Back then, it was $7 per hour...and worth every penny.

Instead of coming home from work to household chores,
I could spend time with our children.

When the girls were a little older, 
they were very active on the Swim Team.
This took us on a trip out of town from Friday after school 
until Sunday afternoon...nearly every weekend.
I so appreciated the extra help.

And then, our house cleaner had to quit to take care of her grandchildren.
Emily was in high school, and we could manage by ourselves.

Until last fall, when I broke both of my wrists.
I longed for someone that could help us out.

And then, along came The Robin's Nest.
One of my friends stared a business for cleaning and organizing 
homes and offices.

It's the best ever...
On Wednesday evening, I clean up the clutter on the counter.
I clean up the pile of clothes in front of my closet.

And when I come home after work on Thurday,
the whole house is clean...all at the same time!
It is better than taking Zoloft!!

The house smells clean and fresh...
and sometimes she even leaves homemade sweet treats!

October is here...Summer is long gone...
It was time to put away the pastel decorations and bring out the autumn.

I hope you are all enjoying the rich, warm colors of fall.

Take care,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mania~Stitching & Stewing on Sunday~Where the Weekend Went...

When the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning...
well, it was tough to get out of bed!

It was a full weekend...
I finally finished this batch of owls.

...and I made some huge strides in finishing these turkeys.

My cousin, Drew, came for a visit.
He wanted to see when I work, 
so we toured the school and athletic facilities.

We shared good conversation,
we watched college football,
and enjoyed some great meals.
I tried a new recipe for Stuffed French Toast.

Thank you for coming to visiting me.
It is so important to stay in touch with family.

Take care,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall, Y'all...and a Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Mom...

Today would be my Mom's Birthday...
She celebrates in her heavenly home.

Her "Heaven on Earth" was when she was surrounded by her family.

Here she is at 86.
We all went to Central's Coronation...that's the year that
Emily was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Here's Grammy's 87th Birthday 
when she still lived on Fair Street.

Family was her first priority and she so loved 
these visits from her nieces and nephews.

We were all together for her 90th Birthday Celebration.
The Women's Group from our church presented her with this homemade quilt.

And, this is the last birthday that we celebrated together...
sweet memories.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
Take care,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Mania ~ Forecast for the Week: Highs and Lows

 Once again, our weekend didn't disappoint.
Dinner with friends...college game day, with friends...
and some time at home to clean, organize and prepare for our week.

In any career there are successes and challenges.
However, last week, I experienced the extreme for both.
Now, this doesn't happen very often, but a young lady was removed from my class for inappropriate behavior. Not, just the ordinary...but, concerning behaviors.

I am still thinking about her today, a week later.
(I said a little prayer for her in church yesterday.)
How can a 15 year old girl grow up to have so many issues?

And what does this have to do with Cinnamon Rolls?
Well, that is my success story for the week. It was Yeast Bread week in my Foods class...
and no one killed their yeast!

The rolls were beautiful and delicious.

Here is the Foods classroom where this takes place.
This term, of the 28 students, 20 are boys...
only 1 senior, 2 juniors, 4 sophomores, and the rest are freshmen.
Keep in mind, you can't see all of them here.
There are 2 more labs with 8 more freshmen boys behind the micorwave on the wall to the right.
My main mission is Safety First...
I don't think they are paying me enough!

Last Thursday, we held Parent/Teacher Conferences...
I think I reached a record high with 34 conferences.
Doesn't sound like much when I see 110 students a day,
but it does break down to about 10 conferences per hour,
from 5 - 8 p.m. The last hour, 8-9, is much slower.

google image~Line for iphone 6

Parents had a bit of a wait in a line outside my door...
maybe only 5 minutes, or so.
But one of the moms made my night.
She was next in line, I greeted her and brought her into my classroom.
She said, "We don't need to sit down, this will only take a minute or two."

"You don't have my daughter this term,
but when I came past your room, I just wanted to stop to tell you that you are her favorite teacher.
She is looking forward to your class next term."

Did I just make a remark earlier about my paycheck?
Well, you can't put $$$ on that...

Take care,