Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Week in Boston ~Zildjian Cymbal Factory Tour ~A Highlight

While in Boston, we enjoyed time being tourists.
Emily pulled some strings to arrange a tour of

You do not need to be a musician 
to enjoy this tour.

The lobby is a showcase.

Check out this Beatles drumset...
That's Ringo's signature!

The latest technologies...
who thinks of these things?!

Our tour guide was excellent.
We learned so much about the Zildjian family
and the history of their company.

If you are there to shop for cymbals,
the options are endless
depending on the sound you are looking for...
I mean *listening* for.

Jake is a drummer, like my hubby,
so he knew just the right questions to ask.

This sound booth was amazing.
There were dials on the wall...
first, we imagined ourselves in a small studio,
then a recital hall,
an auditorium,
a large cathedral,
and then, if you were playing for halftime at the Superbowl.

I, seriously, just stood there with my eyes closed.
With each change of the dial,
our tour guide played his cymbal 
and took us to each of those places!

The drummers' studio.

Our next stop on the tour, was the factory itself.
No photos allowed,
however, we did see each step in the process
from the meltdown of their secret formula of metals
to the bright, shiny, perfectly shaped cymbal on the right.

We finished our tour with the Zildjian Wall of Fame.

If you are vacationing in the Boston area,
this 90 minutes is well worth your time.

It was one of my week's highlights.
Thank you, Zildgian, for your fine hospitality.

Take care,

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile

No sooner than I finished decorating our tree,
Jasmine discovered that comfy cozy glow of the lights
that so many cats enjoy.

On Monday, our winter weather made an appearance.
Rain, sleet, ice, snow, and wind caused all schools 
in our area to cancel classes and activities.

This retired teacher enjoys a
"snow day" every day.

However, the weather outside was

So the mood was so delightful.

It was just what I needed to finish decorating the tree.

There is something about the warmth of those lights
that makes everyone feel right at home.

Take care,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Thankful for all of Life's Blessings ~Sharing our Family's Special News

Yes, those are little booties...

Amy and Nick are expecting a baby!

This package arrived in August.

Since Amy and Nick are so far away,
Hubby and I opened this box with them over Facetime.
We, somehow, kept this a family secret... 
for months!

The gender neutral booties represent a little blessing to come.

Weeks later we learned Baby Norgaard's gender.
Would you like to see a picture of...

...our first grandson?!!

We have shared the news with several of you in person.
This sweet card arrived from some special friends.

We are so in love with this little boy
and we can't wait to meet him!

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Thanksgiving in Boston ~Family, Gratitude, Good Food ~Here's my Report

my favorite holiday.

It's all about spending time with family,
and giving thanks for all our blessings in life.

The cooks were in the kitchen early...

...as that bird needs time to roast.

It takes teamwork to get him in the oven.

Then one can prepare the other sides
at a more leisurely pace.

Since this was their first time to host Thanksgiving 
in their own home,
Jake and Emily wanted to blend the traditions of both families.

Creamed Pearl Onions are Jake's favorite.

It was time for the main event.
We enjoyed a cheese ball and crackers
with those pretty fall cocktails.

Next course,
a cup of Asparagus Soup.
Almost too pretty to eat!

Then, this is when things get a little hectic.

Carving the Turkey.

Mashing the Potatoes and Making Gravy.

The Scalloped Corn

The Stuffing

The Pearl Onions

The Pear Walnut Salad

It was a beautiful spread,
and everything was delicious.
I was so proud of our host and hostess.

After some time on the couch, watching a little football,
it was back into the kitchen to whip the cream.

A sweet ending to a perfect holiday.

Take care,