Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Looking for the Blogworthy in my Life ~It's the Simple Things that Mean so Much ~Vintage Notebook, Cats, Good Food and Treating Myself

This Vintage McCall's Pattern,
is a gift from a special friend...from a friend that 
knows me oh, so well!

But, it is not what you might think it is...

It is a notebook!
A notebook for making lists, and
keeping track of important information.

Check out how cute this is...
there are buttons at the top of every page!

And the back of the notebook is the back of the
pattern envelope.
I started sewing all of my own clothing as soon as 
my mother let me use her sewing machine.
I was ten.
I would study that pattern back 
like it was the Sewing Bible.

Remember the days when a pattern cost $1.00?
Yeah, me too...and fabric cost 99 cents a yard.
I made everything for myself and my family!

Roomba continues to clean up after us.
Jasmine looks like she wants to challenge him.

And Lucy just wants to stay out of his way.
She finds comfort in a cardboard box,
up high, out of Roomba's way.

Is it done?

Despite the sub-zero temperatures,
we ventured out yesterday to purchase a new washer and dryer.
(Stay tuned to see those photos)
Then we stopped at our favorite establishment 
for a beverage and a snack.

Thank you for noticing my nails.
It is my one splurge every month.

This is one of my new favorite colors.
It is Plum Something?

It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow,
above zero!
"Maybe our human go out for her
Wednesday coffee date,
 and forget about running the Roomba."

Take care,

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Update on the Pillow Project ~And a Little TBT

Now, that is impressive.

Emily and Jake stayed up late to finish their pillow project.

In answer to your question...
Why didn't they just buy some new pillows?
They were making new covers to upcycle some outdated pillows.
They ordered decorative zippers from Etsy. 

Plus, a DIY Project is fun!

Our Christmas gift to Emily in 2013 was this sewing machine.
I am so happy that they use it now and then.

We were there for Christmas that year, 
and we were able to set the machine up together.

It wasn't long before Emily 
put it to good use.

Pillow Project...Well Done!

Take care,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~Stitching Pillow Covers ~Clothing Construction 101 ~The Centered Zipper Application

I have been sewing for over 50 years.
While majoring in Textiles and Clothing at NDSU
I met this dear friend.
We took every Clothing Construction class together.
Thanks for being an awesome lab partner, Debra.

Our daughter has a project in the works,
she is making pillow covers.
She lives on the east coast, and I live in the Dakotas,
so I was helping her last night on FaceTime.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words,
I decided to construct a zipper sample today...
(Hopefully this helps a little)

Measure your zipper from the pull tab to the zipper stop.
This is a 7" zipper.

Also check the width of your zipper.
If you have an oversized zipper, you will want the seam allowance 
to be wide enough to accomodate your zipper's width.

Reinforce the end of your seam, 
then change the stitch length to baste the zipper opening area. 

Press the seam allowance open and flat.

Postition the zipper face down over the basting,
checking frequently to make sure it is centered over the seam.

Pin in place...
make sure the pull tab is up.

With a contrasting colored thread,
by hand, stitch the zipper in place.

This is an important step.
In the past, I have thought I could save time by skipping this hand sewing, 
but I would always end up taking my zipper out and starting over.

Take long hand stitches on the far outer edge of the zipper tape.
These can be long stitches and don't have to be perfect, 
as they will be removed.

Make sure to sew close to the edge and double check to 
make sure you are also catching the fabric seam allowance.

It should now look like this.

Now, without the pins the zipper is flat and secure.
Plus there is a guide so you can do the topstitching 
from the right side of your fabric.

I am going to topstitch a scant 3/8 inch from the center.

Using my zipper foot, and seam gauge as a guide,
I machine sew, with matching thread around the zipper.
Start at the top of the zipper.

At the bottom, pivot and count the number of stitches to the center.
Then count again, so you know when to pivot to go up the other sice.

Stitch up the other side.

My machine sewing is on or close to the hand stitches.

Those red handstitches allowed me to sew from the outside 
and make sure my sewing was straight.
But, also gave me the confidence that 
I would not sew off the edge of the zipper tape underneath.

With your seam ripper, remove the contrasting hand basting,
and the machine basting in the zipper opening.

The finished centered zipper.

Lucy thinks that this was the most boring blog post...ever!

Take care,

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Memories ~Five Years of Blogworthy ~Looking Back

Since retirement, I have found that some days 
are not so blogworthy. Today, I ran my Roomba...

...and he got stuck behind the Christmas Tree.

I know, how do you make a blog post about that?
So, I thought I should look back in my photo files to see
what was happening on January 8th, in previous years.

January 8, 2017
It must have been Pot Roast Sunday.
I actually made pot roast yesterday, too. I prefer just salt and pepper seasoning,
with onion, and then I add potatoes and carrots.

And, it looks like I spent some time in my Sewing Studio.

January 8, 2016
This is a Game Preserve near our family farm where I grew up.
We would visit there several times every summer.

I'm sure I posted this photo, as the NDSU Bison were
playing in the National Championship game.

January 8, 2015
It appears I was making soup for my Knitting Club at school.

Remember, I would make a crockpot of soup,
and students would give up their lunch to eat quickly,
and then knit scarves for the Special Olympic Athletes.

January 8, 2014
All set for a dinner party.

The "kids" table.

The "kids" were not so little.
Our foreign exchange daughter, Nellie, in the center,
was here for a visit.

It is always good to share a meal with family and friends.

I hope you had a Marvelous Monday,
with blogworthy moments.

Take care,