Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrating 115 Years ... but then, We Must Say Goodbye

Zion Lutheran Church 1896 to 2011
This is the little church were I grew up...
Baptized, Confirmed and Married here.
This weekend, Emily went home to attend the Sunday Services with mom...
to Celebrate 115 years as a congregation...
combined with a Closing Worship Service.
Remember our water situation?
Besides swallowing up the family farms, it has turned our little town of Churchs Ferry into an island.
This is the man-made dike that has been keeping water from our church,
but sadly, before long, this will not be enough.
As the president of our congregation read our history,
many of us listened with a tear or two.

Worship, sitting with my mom and my grandma.

Sunday School...and the Christmas Programs, followed by the much anticipated treat bags that included an orange, peanuts and a little candy.

All-day Bible School...we all brought a lunch pail and put it in the pew in the church entry.
All ages played games in the church lawn after eating our sandwiches and fruit.
Bible lessons in the morning and after lunch were accompanied by arts and crafts projects.

In high school, we were called to teach the younger children during Summer Vacation Bible School...Luther League...Youth led Worship Services...

All of this took place in the Old Church Building.
The education wing was built in 1967...
It was beautiful...we had classrooms and a fellowship room for potluck dinners.
And in 1976, our new church sanctuary was built.
The old stained glass windows were incorporated in the design of the front of the new church.
I alway thought it was so beautiful.
The original bell was used in the new bell tower, every Sunday.

Doris has been our organist for over 40 years...
leading us in all the old familiar hymns.

The church was full for it's last celebration.
After the service, many of us lingered...
for reflection...
A potluck dinner followed...a time for fellowship...
good food...laughter and tears.
This isn't goodbye...
We'll see you again...
In another place.

A new beginning.

Take care,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outdoor Living ~ and how long will it take?

Remember the sweet dishes I received for mother's day last year?
They are back on my table again...
a nice change from my Snowman Dishes.
Last fall (when they were on clearance)
I purchased the outdoor patio rugs.

We put them out on Tuesday...
Then yesterday, rain...all day...

This could be more work than I bargained for.
Our beautiful shade tree drops these...
So now we are vacuuming inside...and outside!

But back to my question...
How long will it take for the patio rugs to dry?

And how long will it take for the patio chair cushions to go on clearance sale??

Have a great Saturday.
Take care,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Happened to Wednesday? And A Recipe for a Delicious Summer Salad

Day Two of a Teacher's Summer Vacation...
After having coffee with a friend,
I made a stop over here...I still have some things to put away and I had to pick up a box of my personal belongings.
Pretty quiet at this end of the hall...
But lots of activity in the office,
as well as, basketball camp,
marching band camp,
and summer school.
I went to our hometown marketplace...
Has anyone else noticed how expensive groceries are?

I packed my winter clothes for storage.
That's one of the nice things about having four distinct seasons.
About the time you are getting tired of your clothes, it's time to pack them up and bring out the next season's wardrobe!
Callie and I washed the floor.
Swiffer Wet is my new friend.
I couldn't nap, even if I wanted to...
The city crew is making a bunch of noise on our street.
It seems they are replacing all the curb and gutters.
Since Emily was coming home for a few days,
I made our favorite salad...
For a printer friendly copy of the recipe,
It's not fair that something that tastes so good..
is so bad for you.
Do you bake your bacon?
Most of the grease drips down below...
It turns out perfectly crisp every time...
(Just pat the top with a paper towel)

Seriously...you need to make this salad.
It goes with whatever you are grilling for dinner...
chicken, pork, or beef.

We serve it every holiday and lots of days in between!

Take care,

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Does a Teacher Do on Her First Day of Vacation?

Well, her body clock is used to waking up early,
so she arises to make a delicious cup of coffee.

Because it it officially summer
She lights the summer scent...
Pineapple Mango.

Cleaning house is first on the agenda...
...Starting in the foyer.

The Living Room is next...
...the edges haven't been vacuumed since last August.

...Had to empty the cannister half way through, for all the cat hair!
(Please, don't be grossed out!)

Bedding washed...Comforter outside to dry...
Umm...does it look like a good day to dry outside?
It might be out there for a couple of days!
And the closet...these are all winter clothes!!
Must make the change to summer...

Her supervisor says we are tired...
...save some big jobs for tomorrow!

Take care,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mail Call ~ Pay it Forward ~ Spring 2011

We get the best mail when we are out of town.
Remember Pay it Forward~Spring 2011?
This wonderful surprise is a gift from
...just because!
Dee has such a talent for painting.
You should check out her Etsy shop.
She has signs for every season,
every occasion,
every attitude!
My new sign looks good in a couple of places in our home.
Maybe here on the piano...
It is at the top of the stairs in our split-foyer home...
Or possibly here in our foyer,
with my handmade quilt from blog friend Mary?

What do you think??

Take care,

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