Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Where the Weekend Went ~Good Food, Great Music, and Special Friends ~A Sweet Reunion, Indeed

It was a Saturday to cure our Winter Doldrums.
There’s nothing better than spending an evening with good friends.
…and there’s not much better than ending an evening with Chocolate Martinis.

It all started here, at the Roma Ristorante Italiano.
Thank you, Wendy, for reserving a table for our group.

We all ordered something different,
And most of us licked the platter clean.

Just what prompted this mini reunion?
This young woman sings in the University Concert Choir,
and her parents came to town to attend the concert.

We all enjoyed the talents that Choir, along with the
University - Civic Symphony,
Aberdeen Central High School Orchestra,
and the Aberdeen Men’s Chorus.

The program featured three amazing vocal soloists.
Darci Bultima, soprano
Marla Fogderud, soprano 
Michael Skyles, tenor/baritone

On the left, Christopher Stanichar, Director.
And Dr. Alan LaFave, on the right.

We were entertained with the Classics of Rogers & Hammerstein,
songs from South Pacific, The Sound of Music, and Oklahoma.
I’m still humming those familiar tunes.

Spending time with Good Friends is Priceless.

Take care,

Photo Credits to Alan, Romas, and my Hubby

Friday, February 23, 2024

Etsy ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~Sales, Customer Feedback, and New Creations

Sunshine on my Shoulders makes me Smile.
Maybe the Groundhog was right? We are having an early spring?

An Etsy Sale makes me smile…
Actually, did you know that when someone purchases a
handmade item from an artist, she does a little Happy Dance?

On Wednesday, one of our Wooden Hearts 
was on its way to California.

More smiles when I get positive feedback from a customer
and they include a photo of my handmade creation in their home.

Yesterday, I sent a bundle of carrots to New York.
This is another collaboration between Hubby in his Woodshop,
and me in my Studio.

Here’s a feedback photo from a recent Happy Customer.

With my Sewing Counter clean and organized,

And the Serger de-tangled and re-threaded,

I’ve been inspired to finish a few projects.

The warmer, spring-like weather helps maintain more
comfortable temperatures out in the woodshop, too.
Hubby has added to his growing forest.

Another reason to smile.

Take care,

Friday, February 16, 2024

Valentines Day 2024 ~Here’s my Report ~the Story in Photos

Lovely cards
Beautiful bouquet of flowers
Morning greetings from our family
Our faithful furry friends
Sweet chocolates 

I am blessed.

I hope you enjoyed your day
with those that you love.

Take care,


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Motivation Monday Report ~Much Miscellaneous

Super Bowl Sunday
I hope you spent time with people you enjoy;
with plenty of tasty football food;
and that your favorite team played well.

Progress in the Sewing Studio
This was Week Three of making Baby Steps on the organizing,
re-homing of supplies, and shredding of documents from my files.
The top of my desk is ready for business.

The top of my work counter is also ready and waiting to get busy.
That’s Pfaff, my Serger, Miss Sapphire, who sits front and center,
and Old Mrs. Elna, who prefers sewing on paper.

Cat Sitting
Mother-in-Law had Week Two of appointments at the Heart Hospital.
This time, Hubby and his sister made the trip with her.
I stayed back to look after the cats. I enjoyed time bonding with Susie.

MIL’s  appointments went well.
The cardiologist was able to place two stents.
She feels so much better. The blockage in two of her
arteries was causing her much shortness of breath.
Thank you, everyone, for keeping her in your prayers.

FaceTime Fun
It’s always a highlight to FaceTime with our Daughters,
Sons-in-Law, and Grandchildren.
This weekend, we got to chat with all of them…
We are blessed.

The view from my Window
The city was cleaning up trees on our boulevard.
Hubby snagged several branches before they
put them through the Wood Chipper.

Soup for Supper
It has been cloudy, foggy, damp and dreary for days.
So it’s still Soup Weather here…
Soup for Supper warms us from the inside out.

This Italian Sausage Orzo soup was sooo tasty.
The recipe is definitely a keeper.

News from the Wood Shop
While Hubby has stayed busy in his Wood Shop,
I have been keeping busy listing his trees in our Etsy Shop.

Look for the Joy
Speaking of Trees. This Winter Tree greeted
me at my appointment yesterday.
It’s the little things that make me smile.

Remember to look for something that brings you JOY

Take care,

Friday, February 9, 2024

February ~The Month of Love ~Kindness and Acceptance ~And your Heart Health

February is the Month known for Love.
Not only Valentines and Sweethearts, but also
Love and Acceptance of Everyone.

The Love Month is also for Self-Love and Self-Care.
February is American Heart Health Month.
This month, focus on some Heart Healthy habits…
and adapt that lifestyle for all year.

It’s okay to have a few Valentine Sweet Treats,
especially a little Dark Chocolate,
which is good for your heart.

Like with most everything,
Moderation is Key.

I found those adorable Valentine Picks for my vase…

It the little things that make my heart happy.

The Month of Love is all about fostering
relationships with family,
 with friends, with neighbors,
with everyone.

This year is a Leap Year, so we have an extra day
to share some love and kindness.

Take Care,

Sunday, February 4, 2024

In the Wood Shop ~Hand turned Trees ~Hubby’s Retirement Hobby ~Here’s Purchasing Information

This is Hubby’s Happy Place.
He loves spending time at his lathe.

The hand turned trees are perhaps his favorite item to create.
My IG post yesterday has generated interest and inquiries 
about purchasing his creations.

Keep scrolling for information on each tree.

1. Handmade from Ash and is 9 inches tall.
$30 plus $10 shipping

2. Handmade from Ash and is 9 inches tall.
$35 plus $10 shipping

See that bark around the base. It’s called a Live Edge.
That takes a lot of skill along with a little bit of luck.
(Personally, my favorite pieces)

The one on the right is sanded so smooth
it feels like a piece of glass.

3. Handmade from Ash and is 11 inches tall. 
$20 plus $10 shipping.

4. Handmade from Birch and is 9 inches tall.
$20 plus $10 shipping.

I wish you could see these in person to fully appreciate the
 richness of color and pattern in the wood grain.

5. Handmade from Walnut and 7 inches tall.
$30 plus $10 shippping

6. Handmade from Ash with Dark Walnut Stain and 10.5 inches tall.
$25 plus $10 shipping

7. Handmade from Ash with light Walnut finish and is 11 inches tall.
$30 plus $10 shipping.

8. Handmade from Ash with a light Walnut finish and is 8.5 inches tall.
$25 plus $10 shipping.

Local Friends can make arrangements to visit Scott in his Woodshop
to browse his entire inventory of trees, bowls, bottle openers, muddlers, and more.
Naturally, you’d be saving yourself the cost of shipping, too.

If you wish to purchase an item, please leave a comment.
We will contact you with more information.

Take care,
~Scott and Natalie

Where the Weekend Went ~Good Food, Great Music, and Special Friends ~A Sweet Reunion, Indeed

It was a Saturday to cure our Winter Doldrums. There’s nothing better than spending an evening with good friends. …and there’s not much bett...