Friday, October 7, 2022

Things in Our House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~Happy Fall, Y’All

There’s a Chill in the Air. Feels like Fall, for sure.
A Freeze Warning…25 degrees, to be exact.

We got home from our trip five Fridays ago,
returning to our Summer Decor.
With vacation over, I jumped right back into my house chores,
starting with switching from the fresh look of summer
to the warm look of Autumn.

I appreciate the decorations that can stay on display through
 the Thanksgiving Weekend. These Mini Pumpkins
were gifts from special friends.
These Pumpkins are also a gift,
However the Black Cat is one of our 
Handmade items and a best seller in our Etsy Shop.

There are a few critters in our Dining Room.
I’ve been crafty all my life, but when I started creating
for craft shows, I keep one of every item.
Well, we all know how crazy that is!
I stopped that practice after the first decade,
when my accumulation grew larger than our storage space.

Together, Hubby and I shopped
for Mums and Pumpkins.
It was a Day Date.

Hubby takes care of the outside chores.
He’s the one with a green thumb.

Your Foyer is the Introduction to your home.
And first impressions are important.

Here’s a closer look at those Handmades.

Last, but not least…
The tree on my Vanity,
My nightlight when I get up in  the night.
It is now adorned with Wooly Acorns.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our Autumn.

Take Care,

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Recovery Week One ~The Bright Spots ~Kindness of Family and Friends ~Thank You

I have been home from the hospital for a week.
And I have spent the majority of that time resting.
A bright spot in my day is a FaceTime with Family…
Chatting with our Grandsons and their Mama in Massachusetts.

And getting Virtual Cuddles with our
Granddaughter in Georgia really make my day.

My only outing was out to our airport to scoop up our friends
as they returned home from their dream vacation.

Remember we had taken them to catch the early flight
 out three weeks ago. They had a wonderful time.
It was fun to hear all about it.

Then there’s Football Weekend.
Tailgating Food is a good opportunity to get some
 of that essential Sodium in my diet.

Hubby has had to take over all duties in the kitchen.
He’s already our Grill Master
and he can make a perfect over easy egg.

Now, he’s doing it all, with a little coaching
from my stool in the kitchen. 

We all donned our Bison Spirit Wear
and watched the game in the Man Cave.

The Handsome Neighbor Boys had spent their day
selling Boy Scout Popcorn. They stopped by later in the afternoon
to make sure I get my Popcorn Fix.

We have so many thoughtful friends with
Cute Cards like this.
Debra is also a Crazy Cat Lady, like me.

Our first visitor was April and her family.
 She had spent her day making Homemade Tortillas.

Naturally, our menu plan for the next day featured
Shredded Chicken Tacos.

Our longtime friend, Paula, came by for a little visit.
Means so much when someone takes half an hour
out of their busy schedule to just sit and chat.

With a neck brace, I won’t be able to wash my hair for eight weeks.
She grabbed some dry shampoo to bring, just to get me through
until I get some of those No-Rinse Shower Caps.

Our friend, Kari, stopped by to say Hi the next day.
She had a Gift Bag in hand.
Not sure how I’ve managed to get along
without a Pillow Pad for my iPad all these years?!

My favorite Kitchen Candle scent for Autumn
is now available at Target.

Darling Fall Paper plates will be most appreciated by Hubby,
as he is not only the Head Chef now, he is Chief Bottle Washer.

Thank you, Everyone for the Facebook messages,
phone calls, and Friendly Mail.
Your warm thoughts and prayers will help us
through this unfortunate situation.

And last but not least,
there’s the concern of an Emotional Support Pet.
Lizzie is always willing to take a little snooze 
when I need to lie down and rest.

I have three follow up appointments this week.
Hopefully I’ll be back with a good report.

Take care,

Friday, September 30, 2022

Thoughtful and Caring Friends ~They Cheer Me Up ~They Make My Day ~Thank You

This showed up at our front door...
An absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Hydrangeas are perhaps my favorite.
This one is such a delicate color.

The arrangement features so many unique blooms.

And why this special delivery?
I just got home from an unexpected stay in the hospital.

On Saturday, I fell.
Was heading up the stairway and I remember only the
first two steps before I blacked out.
A trip to the ER, and several tests later,
 determined I have multiple fractures.

The very sweet friend remains a mystery.
The card was not signed.
I thought the florist overlooked that detail, so I called.
Nope, was meant to be anonymous, it remains a mystery.

The reason for my two night stay in the hospital was for observation
and to solve the mystery of why I blacked out.

A dangerously low level of sodium in my blood.
Apparently there’s a delicate balance.
I follow a low sodium diet, per doctor’s orders.

While in the hospital, I received sodium supplements
to bring it up to an acceptable level.

To my dear thoughtful and caring friend,
I thank you so very much.
You really knew how to make me feel special.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Happy Birthday in Heaven to my Daddy

Sweet memories here.
When mom made Spaghetti for dinner,
there were always a couple strands of pasta
stuck in the colander and Daddy enjoyed
 sharing them with me!

Now he and my mother are celebrating together in Heaven,
perhaps with the best homemade Spaghetti ever.

Take care, 

Friday, September 23, 2022

A Happy Birthday to my Mother in Heaven

Today we celebrate the First Full Day of Autumn,
along with the memories of celebrating my Mother’s Birthday.

This photo was the year she was chosen to be the Grand Marshal
for our Hometown School Alumni Reunion Parade.
I’ll save you from doing the mental math.
She would be 102 years old today.

We all gathered to celebrate a big birthday with her
after she moved to the Assisted Living Center.

The women of our congregation gifted her
with this cheerful handmade quilt.

I miss our daily phone chats,
but I know she is at peace and in a much better place.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom.

Take care,

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy Fall ๐Ÿ Y’All ~What’cha Workin’ On? ~Here’s my Report ~Cats, Creations, Cooking, Self Care, The Queen

We’ve been home for a week now.
It is nice to get back to a familiar routine.
I especially enjoy the early morning sunshine, coffee, 
time to connect with family and friends,
and my inspirational reading.

We watched the Bison Game out in the ManCave.
Yes, Lizzie is a fan, too.
She often likes a Birdseye view from on top of my vehicle.

I checked in here for an outpatient test.
I usually carry a little hand stitching project
to occupy the wait time.

We gave our friends a ride to the airport to catch the early flight.
Look, there’s some new technology
since the last time we were there in July.

We’ve appreciated dinners prepared at home.
Tilapia & Andouille in a foil pouch out on the grill.
Fresh oregano from our herb garden for the win.

We were away from home for four weeks,
and our cat was quick to let us know that she was not happy about it.
She gave us the Cold Shoulder and found new hiding places. 

We returned home to fresh produce from
Great Grandma’s Garden.  

I set up the blanching station early.

Since Hubby retired, he helps with this process…
Together, we are twice as fast.

The tomatoes simmer with peppers and onions for several hours.
On Day Two, I add the Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms,
along with the rest of the “secret ingredients” for all the flavors.

It sounds labor intensive, however we now have 
16 meals of Spaghetti Sauce in our freezer.

Not a highlight of my week…
I spent some unexpected time in a couple of these chairs.

Besides a bad tooth, the procedure has taken a lot out of me.
I have felt like this for days.

I did set my alarm for 4:30am to watch
The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

If you were watching along with me, you all know
that it was a beautiful tribute to her life of service. 
She will be missed by so many.

Take care,