Sunday, July 21, 2024

This is How You Party When You Turn 95

Great Grandma celebrated all weekend.
Her Assisted Living Facility hosted a lovely party for her.
Hubby and his sister are there by her side as she reflects on 95 years.

I, too, was pleased to be seated by the Birthday Girl.

The Birthday cake was quite amazing.
Pineapple, with a hint of orange…
however it was the frosting that was most delicious.
I suspect that yellow is a pudding layer?
And the white is a mix of frosting and whipped cream??
I need this recipe!

Three tables of her friends were there to sing Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽถ
and enjoy that delightful sweet treat.

Hubby brought her a beautiful bouquet,
because that is what his father would have done.
Great Grandma always had fresh flowers on her table…
Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, her Birthday,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Good Friends stopped by for cake and a tour of her new home.
See all her beautiful cards on the bookshelves behind her?
She has loved going to her mailbox this week and finding friendly mail.
Thank you, Everyone, that sent a Birthday Card❣️

Pretty sure that Great GMa fell asleep with a smile on her face.
Thanks to everyone that made that happen.

Take care,

Thursday, July 18, 2024

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Making Big Decisions ~Out with the Old, In with the New ~Helper Cats on Duty

Great Grandma is adjusting well and appreciating the benefits
of her Assisted Living Facility. Multiple studies have linked
socialization with improved cognitive function.
We are seeing evidence of this.

Plus, she loves to play cards.

Hubby, his sister, and I have been working to re-home
the possessions she has treasured all of her life.
Many of you know this is not an easy task.

Items are sorted to donate, to sell, and for storage.
Of course, we’ve made several trips here.
You know, those folks that grew up during the
depression saved everything.

Meanwhile, here at home, we made a big purchase.

While this might look like a crime scene,
it is a the result of a failing freezer.
A melted Real Fruit Freezie Pop…maybe raspberry?

We were fortunate to find a refrigerator with the features we want,
that fits into this compact space between the wall and the kitchen cabinets.

And then there’s these two, my new Helper Cats.
Sales have picked up in my two Etsy Shops,
 so we have been preparing packages.

Do they look guilty?
They know that they are not supposed to be on the counter.

Helper Cat duties are exhausting.

Take care,

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Celebrating a Birthday ~our Family Matriarch turns 95

We’re celebrating a big Birthday this week.
Hubby’s Mother will be 95 years old.

We have always gathered with family on birthdays.
This lady’s birthday, being in July,
usually included a meal prepared out on the grill,
and sometimes concluded with a Tornado Warning!

When you are a Senior,
the best gifts are those that are consumable.

Just two years ago, our treat was a trip to Storybook Land
to ride the Storybook Land Express around the park.

Family was always important to Great Grandma.
Here she is with her four sisters, whom she misses dearly.

Until a month ago, she enjoyed the independence
of living in her own home.
And now she is appreciating the benefits
of an Assisted Living Facility.

Perhaps her greatest joy comes from visits
with her granddaughters and great grandchildren.
This is the baby that made her a Great Grandma.
And now Baby Jack is six years old.

Jack’s little brother Henry enjoys visits to Great GMa’s house, too.
She has Vintage Toys.

You all remember how she loved watching little Joelle
play when they met this past Thanksgiving.

This weekend, we will gather again to celebrate this lady.
She would be thrilled to receive your cards and notes in her mailbox.
Leave a comment and I’ll send her address to you.

Take care,

Monday, July 8, 2024

Where the Weekend Went ~Independence Day~Good Food ~Celebrating an Anniversary

Hubby kicked off the weekend with a round of golf.
Their team often stops for a bite to eat when they come off the course.
This time, the wives were invited to tag along.
I accepted an offer to ride with Clarence in his Fast Car.

Hubby got a new Smoker.
He wanted to use it for the Fourth.

He loves to prepare, and to eat, Wings.

We had rainy weather for the weekend. However, we
entertained ourselves playing darts out in the ManCave,
dined on good food, and had great conversation.
Here are our Grill Masters.

Thank you Chuck and Wendy for providing the lamb chops.

I took responsibility for the Appetizers and Sides.
If you are thinking about serving those cucumber sandwiches,
that cocktail rye bread is not easy to find.
I went to more than one store,
but oh, they are so tasty and it was so worth it.

We celebrated over the miles, with our daughter and son-in-law.
This was taken over a decade ago,
when we hosted a dessert reception for their first Anniversary.
Congratulations ๐Ÿฅ‚ Cheers to Many More

We all had fun over the weekend.
When you play hard, you sleep hard ๐Ÿ’ค 

Take care,

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy Independence Day to all our Family and Friends

Celebrating the Land of the Free and
the Home of the Brave.

Enjoy your day!
Stay safe, Everyone.

Take care,

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Independence Day 2024 ~Americana Decor…all Summer Long ~Do Y’All Have Plans for the Holiday?

If you are heading out to celebrate with family or friends
and bringing wine, turn your bottle into a Gnome.

Created from recycled Patriotic Sweaters.
Keep them on display into November
for Election Day ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ and Veterans Day ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Remember our last Road Trip to see family?
I was riding shotgun and hand stitching
these flags.

Those are Vintage Buttons from my Grandmother’s Button Tin.

One of my favorites is this wooden flag…
A collaboration between Hubby in his wood shop and
me on my work counter.

In a couple of days, people across the U.S. will celebrate
Independence Day with family and friends.
This day commentates events in 1776 when the second Continental Congress
officially adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Prosperous Independence Day…
And a Fourth of July full of Sunshine and Joy.

Take care,

Sunday, June 30, 2024

June ~A Month of Celebrations ~Anniversaries, Fathers Day, Reunions, Birthdays ~My Family and Friends, They Spoil Me

June was a month of celebrating life’s many Blessings.
Our friend group can cross this off our bucket list.
We’ve been planning this little road trip for over a year.
After life-long friends moved away, we’ve been planning to
meet for dinner in a small town in between.

An hour drive for each of us to the Angry Beaver in Oakes, ND.
We couldn’t leave without posing for a photo shoot with the Angry Beaver .

My dinner of Pesto Chicken on Linguine, with
a side of Arugula, tasted like summer.

A week ago, we were celebrating the restoration
of this quaint country church.
Pastor Jim asked me to come forward
so the congregation could sing Happy Birthday.

I was brought back to my childhood days where
this was a special (and a little embarrassing) moment in Sunday School.
Everyone would sing, and we’d have a handful of pennys
to put in the birthday bank.
The children would count as each coin dropped, to see how old we were.

This year, I am two quarters, a dime, a nickel, and three pennys old.

This reunion photo popped up in my memories…
My mother’s 70th class reunion.
She was going to be the Grand Marshal in the Parade.
She asked me to be her driver.
Of course, I had to decorate our vehicle.

Seventy years! 
And here I thought Fifty years sounded old.

Another June highlight, this annual “reunion” with
my good friend from college.

She always brings gifts for our cats.

I was also treated to generous Birthday gifts,
 or as JoJo would call them, “Prizes”.

As a Senior, I especially appreciate gifts that are consumable, like
chocolates, candles, beverage napkins, hand cream, lip balm, and wine.

Thank you Kari, Lorie, Emily, Jolaine, Debra, Wendy, and Hubby
for the lovely cards and personal messages.
Y’all certainly know how to make a Birthday Girl feel like Royalty.

Take care,

This is How You Party When You Turn 95

Great Grandma celebrated all weekend. Her Assisted Living Facility hosted a lovely party for her. Hubby and his sister are there by her side...