Thursday, March 28, 2019

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Things in my House Thursday ~Look Who’s Ready for Some Baseball

Chicken Tortilla of my favorites.

Last night, I made a whole stock pot full.
I am happy to eat it for lunches, several days in a row!
Those are called “planned overs”, not “left overs”.

It is perhaps the easiest recipe to prepare, 
as it requires only opening a few cans.
Remember, I had shredded chicken in my freezer, 
as I had braised those breasts when our refrigerator went down.
However, you can use leftover rotisserie chicken 
or even a can of chicken.

I also added about a cup of chicken stock (not pictured), 
to create the soup-like consistency that I wanted.

This week I sold the last of these Spring Bunnies, 
so it looks like I should make another herd.

Remember this photo? 
Hubby spends all winter clearing snow off the driveway.
Then in spring, I spread it around in the warm sun to melt...

On Monday, I told you that our refrigerator was fixed. 
I was just kidding.
I discovered on Tuesday that it was not very cold inside.
Apparently it was still leaking Freon.
So the appliance repairman was back again yesterday.
This time...I hope for good.

Another big chore was chopping the ice and snow off our patio.
Thanks, Hubby.
Perhaps now, we can think about getting to our grill?!

The warm sunshine requires spring decor.

The pastel colors really do brighten up a room.

This centerpiece features the first wood bowl that hubby turned.
Along with a bunch of the wood carrots 
that we created together.

Do you see those speckled eggs?
Those are M & Ms with a Peanut Butter filling...
Say Whaaat?

While it is still looks snowy outside our window...

We are all dreaming of the Spring days to come.

And another sure sign of spring...
America’s Favorite Pastime is back.

Baseball players, coaches, grounds keepers,
and fans are geared up for Opening Day.

Who else is ready for some Baseball?

This Boy!

Take care,

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Mania ~Here’s What’s Happening on the Home Front ~And a couple of Minor Inconveniences

I haven’t made homemade Yeast Bread 
since I last demonstrated for my Basic Foods Classes.
Lately, I’ve had the urge to get my hands in the dough again.

This is a no-knead bread, baked in my small Dutch Oven.
I added fresh Thyme and Rosemary.
I’ve started a Bread Board on my Pinterest Page,
and I’m looking forward to trying other recipes.

Our last snowstorm was a doozie!
It was so bad that even hubby’s office was closed...
He’s worked there for 31 years, and this was a first.

It was so bad that even Twist Cone 
postponed their season opening.

We cannot complain about our snow.
Cities and States to the south of us received rain.
Those folks have experienced devastating floods.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

As the blizzard blew in, 
our refrigerator gave out.
I reached in the freezer to get some ice, 
And found water in the trays!
Everything in the freezer had thawed.

I am thankful for our trusty old fridge in the garage.
It comes in handy when our family is home, 
and during the holidays.
And I guess, when our kitchen refrigerator fails.

So we cleaned this refrigerator out..completely.
Hubby took three large garage bags to the dumpsters.
I browned all the ground beef and braised all the chicken breasts.

After the weather calmed down, and the streets were cleared, 
an appliance expert made a housecall and delivered the diagnosis.
Repairing the refrigerator was the best option.
So today, for the first time in 13 days, 
things are chillin’ in our kitchen!

When it rains it pours...later that afternoon,
I was heading out to an appointment and my car didn’t start.
Seriously? On the same day??

Again, I am so thankful for hubby’s big pickup in the garage,
and his willingness to drive me to where I need to go!

And here’s what’s even better...
Good friends who help us out in a time of need.

Thanks, Alan, for working with Hubby 
to get the vehicle towed out for repairs.

This week, things are looking up.
The warm sun is slowly melting the snow.

And, I saw a robin in the tree just outside our kitchen window...
a sure sign of spring!

Take care,

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Birthday to this Sweet Boy

Sooo Big!
Our Grandson can no longer 
be called “Baby” Jack.

Today he celebrates his First Birthday!

He loves cuddles and kisses.

Taking after his mama, 
he is a busy toddler.

Exploring everything and everywhere!

...taking in the wonder of the world.

Sometimes, staying home, 
reading books in a blanket fort, 
is just the best day!

Taking in fresh air and sunshine 
while practicing those milestone first steps...
Another favorite thing to do!

Grandpa and Nana sent a package...

...and we got to watch him open it over FaceTime.
We loved being a part of his Special Day!

Sweet Dreams, Precious Boy.

Love You,
Grandpa and Nana

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Message from Mother to Daughter on this Milestone Birthday

Daughters are a wonderful blessing that bring a special joy.
And as she grows into adulthood, 
she fills a mother’s heart with pride.

I can’t believe it has been 30 years since our baby girl came 
into this world and made our family complete.

Emily, you brought sunshine to our lives...

A bright spot for all of us.

Today on your 30th Birthday, it is time to stop and reflect.
Your 30s are a great decade...
A time when your life is all together.

In your 30s, people take you more seriously. 
You have earned your degrees and have 
a wide variety of  work experience.
You are smart and make good choices.

You met the man of your dreams...

You married each other 
and you support each other every single day.

In your 30s you have confidence 
and are still young.

You are the most important person in your life. 
Your self-love will keep you happy 
and help you reach your dreams. 
You have a bright future.

Always be proud of yourself 
and your accomplishments.

You have a strong work ethic...

Plus, you love having a good time.
A good recipe for life.

You are a beautiful young woman...

Never let your sparkle fade.

 Happy Birthday, Emily.
We love you.

Take care,
~Mom and Dad

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