Saturday, April 22, 2023

Earth Day 2023 “Invest in our Planet” ~Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ~Attention Teachers and Activity Directors ~Who Needs Magazines or Water Jugs?

April 22nd is Earth Day.
The first Earth Day was in 1970.

This year’s theme is “Invest in our Planet”.
Every year, on this date, more that a billion people celebrate our Earth,
 and remember the importance of protecting our environment.

Even these little habits will help.
Last year, I purchased Wool Dryer Balls, a Natural Fabric Softener.
They are reusable and shorten drying time by 25%, which reduces your
Appliance Usage and saves on your Electric Bill.

I bring my own shopping bags to the supermarket.
They ride in the front seat so I remember to actually
 take them into the store.

Then there’s this…The Landfill.
Every year in the United States 150 million tons of waste goes to the landfill.
That’s 2.5 pounds of trash per person, per day.

That makes me sick.

I work hard to reuse, recycle, and re-home
items that are no longer in use.

Who can use empty water jugs, For FREE.
Perhaps for storing water? Or for a craft project?
There are lots of clever ideas online.

You could go crazy and create a reading igloo
for your young students.

I also need to find a home for magazines,
many, many magazines.

Elementary students can identify colors, animals, favorite foods, 
cut out words and numbers, and find letters to create words.

Older students can find photos and phrases to
create a personality collage, or design a Vision Board.

Teachers and Activity Directors:
Contact me to replenish your stash of Magazines.
I don’t want these to end up in that Landfill.

Tins and Treasures
My creations are made made of upcycled materials.
The Tins, for which my Shop is named,
are recycled food cans.

These pumpkins are created with sweater sleeves.

Vintage Wool is used for these Hand Warmers.

An old Chenille bedspread, a wool skirt, a cotton sweater,
and the cuff of a sock went together for this snowman.

Invest in our Planet…


Take care,

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Sanford ~My Progress Report ~Good News…Very Very Good News ~A Renewed Independence

Yes, that is me behind the wheel.
I drove the car, all by myself, for the first time in 28 weeks.

Y’All remember the Neck Brace…
Driving was not even a consideration, and after wearing it for 12 weeks,
 I had to work hard at PT to regain my range of motion.

Naturally, the first place I drove was to Sanford.
The car might have known how to get there on its own?
Hubby has been chauffeuring me there, for appointments,
twice a week, since September.

I was looking forward to my Physical Therapy appointment when
we got home from our Spring Break Road Trip.
While traveling, we did try to take breaks and walk,
however spending four days in the car
can make anyone feel stiff and sore.

The calendar says it’s Spring and the sunshine is warm.
Here’s that outdoor eating area off the Sanford Cafeteria.
It was totally buried for weeks,
and now it is finally melting and emerging from the snow banks.

Another appointment with my Orthopedic Physician started here.
Here’s the good news…
The X-rays show evidence of healing this time!
Sooo, I have been officially discharged from his care.

That’s right…
After twenty eight weeks,
  Officially Discharged.

I was so relieved, I had to blink back tears.
Many of you know from personal experiences that
Recovery is a Full-Time Job.

And, where did I go on my second solo trip?
The Supermarket. If you know me well,
  you know this is one of my favorite outings.

I enjoy taking my time to enjoy the brilliant colors of the fresh produce, and
to appreciate the artistic way in which cuts of meat and seafood are displayed.
I like looking at new products, comparing prices, and studying the nutrition labels.

My healing work is not done. 
I will continue to build strength and endurance…
But I could not have gotten here without my Health Care Team,
along with the prayers and words of encouragement
from my Family and Friends.
Thank you.

Take care,

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Weekend Highlight ~A Special Family ~With a Very Special Reason to Celebrate ~Including Flashbacks from Three Decades Ago

This Couple.
Next Month, Logan and Ashley will welcome
a sweet bundle of joy to their family.

They are part of a special family, indeed.
Alan, the grandpa-to-be, and my Hubby have been friends
since their college days and we have stayed close.

Our family was there to help welcome
Ashley into this world.

As her Godmother, 
I couldn’t be more proud of this young woman.
A teacher, a coach, a wife, and now a mother.

See the small wrapped gift attached to my bigger box?
A brilliant suggestion…

Instead of a card, purchase
a favorite children’s book for the new baby.
This Gigi loves to give books to our grandchildren,
so I had lots of ideas to choose from.

And now, this new baby will come home
to a library of her own.

A Diaper Cake makes a darling centerpiece
on the gift table.

The table decorations help us to “Think Spring”

The cookies were “Too pretty to eat”

When Ashley was born, I hosted the Baby Shower in our home.
The new mom had plenty of help opening gifts.
And now she looks forward to being a grandmother.

Kari’s mom stepped in for the Photo Shoot.
Soon to be, four generations.

Here’s Ashley’s Grandma Doris holding that little bundle.

Ashley had two grandmothers to shower her with love.
This is Alan’s mother, Grandma Irene.

Ashley’s Aunt Amy made the drive to be here
for this special day. I enjoyed our visit.

There’s a couple of ladies that were guests at both showers…

Like this family friend, Linda.
I don’t think she’s changed a bit!

More more Mutual friends,
Sonya and Katzy.
I enjoy sitting with you two, Aunt Amy, and Paula.

Guests enjoyed viewing the gifts and cards…
and playing with Ashley’s little cousins.

Another cute idea…
Each guest was given a diaper and a sharpie
to write a message to the new parents.
Maybe this will help them through those
groggy middle of the night diaper changes.

Ashley’s High School Friends.
As a teacher, I knew them as teenagers.
They are both mothers now and I’d love to read the advice
that they wrote for Ashley and Logan.

Surprise Party Favors.
Each guest went home with a little something
from the unborn baby.

“Watch me Grow”

You bet, little one. We’ll all be watching.

Take care,

Sunday, April 16, 2023

When We Got Home, continued ~Spring Snowstorms ~My Last Post About Snow

We were gone for 3 weeks,
Traveled 3375 miles, and visited 12 states.
While we had plenty of snow already,
there were two snowstorms while we were in Georgia.
At least two…maybe more.

This was the forecast.
This is why we hustled home.

We collected our Lizzie, her favorite pillow,
and the rest of her belongings from Great Grandma.

March came in like a Lion, and March went out like a Lion.
I don’t think it’s supposed to happen that way.

This is Hubby snow blowing on April 1st.
He’s hoping this was all an April Fools prank.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia, our Grandsons and their Mama
 are enjoying the outdoors at their Preschool Spring Celebration.

Five days later, another snowstorm.
We had a total of 22 inches of snow since we got home.

The view from my Sewing Studio window…
How many people do you see blowing snow?
Our neighbor across the street to the east,
and another neighbor across the street to the west.
In the center, Papa is clearing a path for the Mail Carrier.

If that little USPS truck can’t get in there,
We don’t get any mail.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia.

The view from the back door of Hubby’s Man Cave.

There’s only one lane
through the tunnel on our sidewalk.

Meanwhile, back in Georgia,
JoJo, sitting outside on their patio,
wearing her summer onesie, says
 “Whaaat, you’re getting more snow?!”

This was all two weeks ago.
We have been appreciating a slow thaw,
however there is still snow on the ground,
with patches of grass showing through.
Finally, Spring has Sprung!

Take care,

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