Tuesday, June 27, 2023

My Birthday Report ~Here’s What 67 Looks Like ~My Family and Friends, They Spoil Me

Thank you to each and every one of you that sent an on-line message,
 a card in the snail mail, or took the time to call on my Birthday.

Hubby left the house early to run errands.
He surprised me with a bundle of fresh flowers.
These always make my day!

That evening we celebrated with this group of good friends.
These are some of my most favorite people…
right up there with our family.

And this dear friend is responsible.
She planned, she shopped, she pre-prepped,
she created a lovely tablescape,
and prepared our meal.

Her Hubby, our Host for the evening, escorted the guests upstairs,
 handled all the bartender duties, and helped serve the meal.
After we left, he helped with the cleanup, too.
 They are a great team.

Our table, was adorned for the Beautiful Summer Evening.

As if the party wasn’t already enough,
there were gifts.
When one is a Senior, consumable gifts are most appreciated, 
like this Goat Milk Hand Cream and Body Lotion.

Look at those cute little bowls for Olive Oil,
along with Dipping Spices for our next dinner party.

I also came home with this sweet flowering plant.
The Gnome is all decked out for Independence Day…
can you believe that holiday is already next week?

A package from Georgia, blank notebooks for my lists and notes.
Our daughter knows me well…. I have lots of lists,
and this will help keep them all in one place!

A sweet ending to our party,
Lemon Cream Cake, garnished with Blueberries.

Here’s a peek at my lovely cards.

Each one with a special message inside.

The beautiful centerpiece from our dinner table was also gifted to me.
It was the perfect Birthday Weekend.

Thank you to everyone that made it so.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Welcome Summer ~Happy Birthday to this Sweet Girl ~Fun in the Sun ~Time Spent with Family is Priceless

Today we celebrate the First Day of Summer and 
a First Birthday for our Granddaughter.

So, Buckle up for a Season full of Sunshine,
Swimming, and Playing Outside.

The family kicked off the celebration with an outing
to the lake to spend time out on the water.

A kayak built for two…
The parents get a work out, while the children enjoy the ride.

A pool in the neighborhood is a perfect place to cool off…

…on a hot and humid summer day.

Summertime when the livin’ is easy.

And even better when you live near family.
“Cousins are Friends that will Love You Forever”

Take care,

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Celebrating Fathers Day ~Best Wishes to our Daddies ~And to our Papa

Best wishes to my Hubby for a wonderful day.
Here he is, a few years ago, enjoying America’s
Favorite Pastime with our Daughters.

Today we will have our Traditional Fathers Day Lunch at Arts in the Park,
and then later he will prepare his own dinner at the grill.

He now thoroughly enjoys his role of being Papa to our 
three grandchildren.

We cherish our visits and staying with them in their homes,
being a part of their everyday activities.

Of course, I’m thinking of my own Daddy.
We’ve been missing him for 35 years.

I’m sending love to these handsome young men, our Sons-in-Law,
the Daddies to our Grandchildren.

For loving and caring for our daughters,
and together they are creating a home for our young families.

They are Hands-On Dads, sharing in the care
of their children and the houses that they call home.

…and enjoying all kinds of adventures together.

We wish you both a beautiful weekend of celebration.

Take care,

Friday, June 16, 2023

Celebrating an Anniversary in Heaven ~A Love Story, Seventy-Seven Years Ago

Today, my parents are celebrating their anniversary
together in heaven.
This is their Wedding Photo taken June 16, 1946.

My Daddy returned from his four years of service during WWII in 1945.
That’s Daddy on the right, with his brother Raymond.

Here he is, driving his Model T Ford,
posing with all the ladies.

My mother was the lucky lady that stole his heart.
He proposed and they were married just a year later.
Not completely sure what vehicle they drove on their honeymoon,
 however I’m guessing it’s the pickup right in front of the hotel.

Because it sure looks like this 
1936 International Pickup.
And that looks like my Daddy’s Wedding Suit.

Whatever they drove, they sure got good gas mileage.

I’m also curious about this,
how much did they pay to park in this lot?
And where were they going to spend the day?

My parents lived here, in this house, from 1946-1970.
My Daddy farmed the land and my mother quit teaching
to take on the role of being a Farmer’s Wife.

Of course, that house was swallowed up
by the Devils Lake flood water, too.

I have many memories of growing up
with my parents in that house.

Thinking about them, celebrating together in heaven,
doing a little Two-Step around the dance floor to
“Alley Cat” …my Daddy’s favorite tune.

Spend time with those you love.
Celebrate Special occasions.
Be present in your ordinary everyday activities.
Ask lots of questions of your parents and grandparents.
Make Sweet Memories.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Flag Day 2023 ~Celebrating the Birthday of our Stars and Stripes ~Grandma’s Heavenly Birthday ~Happy Birthday to my Blog

That is my Grandma, Hilda Natalie,
with her two sisters. Yes, my mother loved her middle name,
so I am named after her.
From left to right,
Emma 1890, Hilda 1893, Hazel 1898

This photo of Grandma and her class on their Confirmation Day,
is one of my favorites. I admire their beautiful white dresses and shoes.
I’m not exactly fond of their hairstyles.

Hilda married Henry Angaard on November 22, 1917.
In those days, women would get a really nice new suit to wear for their wedding,
and then for several special occasions that follow.

Grandma raised nine children.

Those nine children got married and had children and grandchildren of their own.
I have so many awesome memories of this family reunion, playing with my cousins.
The parents had to round us all up, line up on the floor across the front,
and sit still long enough for this photo.

My Grandma was proud to share her birthday with our country’s flag.

June 14, 1777, the United States approved
the design for our first National Flag.

It is a beautiful morning so I was out early to
display my flags in our planters.

This photo made my day earlier this morning!

Flag Day and Grandma’s Birthday…
It was fitting to introduce my Tins and Treasures Blog on this date.
Fifteen years ago.

This is my very first blog post.
I have made some good on-line friends over the years
and I appreciate all who follow along and leave kind comments.
Thank you,  precious family and dear friends.

Take care,

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