Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day

Good Morning! Today would be my grandmother's birthday. She would have been 115 years old if she was here. Her mind was sharp until the day she died. I would love to spend a day visiting with her about her growing up, teaching in a one room school house and raising a family of 9 children. I wonder how the women of her generation had time to take care of their children, the house, the garden; to prepare all of their meals at home, from scratch; to bake delicious cookies and pies; and still have the energy to crochet bedspreads and create beautiful quilts. These women were amazing!

So, it is fitting that I venture into this world of technology with my own blogspot, on my grandma's birthday. This concept would have been so far beyond her wildest imagination. I have tried to expain what the internet is to my mom,who's 87, and have just touched the surface.

I am contemplating the idea of selling my crafts online. I have looked at hundreds of craft websites, craft directories, craft malls, craft shows, craft communites, etc. over the last week. I am impressed! If anyone has some advice or words of encouragement, I'd be happy to hear from you.


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