Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Birthday

So, it was my birthday the day before yesterday. My day started with a phone call from my Mom, who lives in North Dakota and my daughter who lives in Nebraska. Phone calls from my family always make my day!

My husband took off early from work to prepare for an awesome party for me. He restrung and hung my windchimes...swept the deck...fixed the patio table...mowed the lawn...and then prepared the dinner!! Our guests included our daughter, his mom and his sister, and three couples.

The first to arrive were our good friends, Paula and Bob. She brought a dozen roses and daisies...

The Menu
Steak on the Grill
Wild Rice & Brown Rice Blend
Grilled Asparagus
Paula's Salad
French Bread

Everything had such great flavor. Friends brought appetizers and my mom in law brought cake. The good conversation was the best!

Then I opened cards and gifts!

Do you see a theme of "cat" cards? This last one has to do with a recent BonJovi concert!!

It wasn't exactly like this...

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