Friday, July 18, 2008

A little Mother / Daughter Time

Our daughter, home for the summer, is working as a lifeguard. She leaves for lessons before 9 a.m. and comes home after they clean after 9 p.m. She is home for about 35 minutes at lunch and suppertime. (our oldest daughter had a similar job when she was her age) College students need summer jobs with lots of hours...but...this is just a little crazy?! Yesterday was her first time off after working 10 days straight. She only had to work till 11. She was soooo excited. Me too, cause she wanted to go out for lunch and do a little shopping. Here we the courtyard of Canterbury's, a special little deli downtown. It is owned by good friends. Stephanie is a great cook. Greg, is a principal so available in July, was helping in the kitchen. It was fun to see them and we had great food!
We had smoked turkey and provolone (Emily on sourdough and me on marble rye). Emily's side, broccoli salad; me, tomato basil soup. Delicious!

We also had the courtyard to ourselves...lots of people were eating inside...

Municipal Band Concert

In the evening we attended the weekly concert in the park. It was big band night. My husband played drums. Guest soloist was one of his friends from high school.

Not exactly her type of music, but she was a good sport to go with me!

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emilyg said...

I loved the mother/daughter time we get to have on my days off. There just isn't enough time especially since we never know what I'll be doing and where at next summer. I'm very excited for Wednesday and we already havce more shopping to do! Love you.