Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Classroom

Would you like to see my classroom? Our High School is only 4 years old. We all feel very lucky to have such a nice facility. I spend over half of my day in this room. I cannot show pictures of students unless I have parent permission signatures, etc. I understand why, but at the same time, about 98% of the kids have pictures on Facebook! They all laughed when I told them I needed permission forms to have their pictures on my school web page!!
There are 30 desks arranged semi-circle fashion. I love this arrangement. It makes for great group discussions. I refer to the desks as the inner circle and the outer circle...Some of my classes have up to 33 students, but there are usually some absent. If everyone is there, I run next door and grab more desks.
In the center of the semi-circle is the open area that I call my "fish bowl". I move around in this area to teach, and invite speakers and students to the "fishbowl" to present!!

This is the far corner of the room, by my desk. I like it here, because I have a view of the whole room and of anyone who may be coming in my door. I wanted you to see my cords. There are 5 for my laptop alone. Between that and my phone, my desk looks like a tangled mess!

When students are in my room, it is rare for me to be at my desk. Call me old-fashioned, but my philosophy is to be up, moving around, facilitating learning, interacting with the students. Anyway, this is the view from my corner. I stand back here when I take attendance on my computer, etc.

This term I am teaching a course called Personal Development. This week we have talked about "Knowing Yourself" and how that helps you with life decisions...education, careers, life partners..

...also knowing about the different personality types helps you get along better with others...helps you tolerate individual differences, helps reduce conflict at work, helps relationships with siblings, roommates, and in groups of friends. We've had some good discussions just in the last few days!



Love your blog, wish you'd been my teacher! :0)

Kindra said...

That class sounds interesting. Can 30 year olds go? :) I love how the desks are arranged. It seems more intimate and for better conversation. Especially on your certain class. I hope they all behave for you this year! :)

Distressing Delilah said...

Love the pictures and your post! Thank you for visiting my blog..pets are wonderful aren't they!

Hey Harriet said...

Great & interesting post! I like the layout of the classroom. It has a much more friendly vibe than my old classroom had. Thanks for giving us a little peek into your workplace :)

Quilt Hollow said...

Your class room set up and style is very similiar when my son was in 2nd grade. You could easily tell his teacher loved the interaction with the students and knew she got more from them this way. He excelled amazingly that year! The big disappointment was we moved the following year to a completely different duty location. First day of school we walked in to see the desk packed in rows and the teacher's desk up in front...she was a very large and older lady that breathed heavily with any effort of walking. There was also no way she could have gotten in between the desk. In addition, her goal for the school year was to make sure all her third grade students were reading by May?!! WHAT?!!! Oh my gosh...we had just come from an awesome school (in another state) where my son was recognized in front of the whole school as top male reader in 2nd grade...reading at a 5th grade level! It was a rough two years at this new school...we were ever so thankful when we moved on to yet another school...at this point anything would have been better!

GinGin said...

I love your classromm, makes me want to teach in High School again. It's either elem. or HS never JH, I tried that a couple of years and OMG. Hey have you ever used True Colors for personality discovery, it is really neat. Probably kind of old hat now, but I thought it was a fun way to find out about yourself. We used it as an inservice for teachers. It has 4 color types of personalities, or and a combination of all four. i'm sure you have plenty of ideas on this. Just remembered this one.