Sunday, September 7, 2008

College Football Game Day

The weekend highlight was our day trip to visit our daughter. She and Jake were able to meet us for lunch. We had sandwiches, pizza, and great conversation! We had a couple of hours to spend shopping.
Then we went back to the dorms. They had made requests for us to bring more clothes, shoes and of course we brought food!
We weren't there for long, because everyone had to get ready for the football game.

Inside the dome
This is the student section an hour and a half before game time. Everyone wears their gold shirt and hangs out there, chanting, cheering, and getting pumped up for the game!
Then the lights go out in the dome...

The dome was filled to capacity and the Bison played like the top ranked team that they are. They won 50 to 14.

Emily and Jake came over at half time to say goodbye.


simple~needs said...

love the pics!! that stadium is awesome!! did they win?? ( coming from an OSU fan) :)

Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, it is an awesome stadium. There were 18,868 fans at that game! And they won 50 - 14.