Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday...Sunday...where does the time go?

If you work outside the home, weekends are for resting and relaxing...and for keeping up the homefront! Considering the families being affected by hurricanes, anything I have to do seems very trivial.
Winning a Blog Give-Away III
If I were to ever buy a lottery ticket, this should have been the month! I was the lucky winner of three blog give-aways...yes, I feel a little guilty.

But, It sure brightened my day to come home from school and find such delightful gifts in my mailbox.

The precious crochet flowers were made by Kylie from Boutique Creations. Notice the stamps...she sent this from Australia to South Dakota! The world continues to grow smaller with our amazing technologies, electronic forms of communication, etc. Please take time to look at all of her creations at Her cup cozies are so fun, too.

I'll use Kylies sweet little flowers on a special project and will definately post a picture here. Also, I'm planning a blog give-away of my own in the near future. It's my turn to make someone's day!


Debra said...

I think I am going to get you to pick my lottery numbers...LOL
Good for you!

I agree, time goes by so fast on the weekend.

Kylie B said...

Thank-you, so glade you love them. :)
and Thank-you for the Link.

SnazzyJazzie said...

hi, i chanced upon your link from kylie's. your blog is just the wholesome warm place i have been longing to chance upon. so glad i found it. i loved the way you treasure simple things. i will be linking it to mine. the blog give-away is a splendid idea. will start one soon. take a peek at mine and see if you like any of the handmade journals i created. you may just get a little surprise at your door step soon!

Renna said...

I know what you mean about feeling a little guilty. I went through a winning spell of getting several packages in just a short time. I finally quit entering giveaways for awhile. I loved getting the stuff, but wanted to give someone else a chance to win, lol. ;-)

Renna said...

PS-I forgot to add how neat your winnings are!

GinGin said...

I feel the same about Saturday and Sunday. I have to go to school early as I have breakfast duty this morning. Congratulations on your winnings. I hope to win a give-away soon. Maybe yours?!!!!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful! Congrats!

SewDelish said...

Congratulations on your wins.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.