Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things In My House Thursday

My blog posts have been so random lately. I think now that school has started, I need to be a little more "organized". (If that's necessary in the blog world?!) Anyway, I like the "what's in my house" Thursday posts. I figure, I could do this every Thursday for 100 years and there would still be stuff to show you!!
This chest of drawers is in our dining room. On the left, candle holders from my aunt and uncle. He was in the airforce. They were living in Tehran, Iran for awhile and bought many lovely things. Both of them have since passed away. I miss my aunty Vivian very much! She was my favorite aunt on my dad's side of the family. She also treated my daughters as if they were her own grandchildren.
The vase was a wedding gift from one of my high school friends (so 27 years old). It has been broken and glued together (darn cats).
The little platter was given to us when the neighbors across the street moved away. They were native of India. Angels were a gift from dear friends when I had surgery two years ago. They sit atop of books that had belonged to my called 'Ideas and Ideals' and the other 'Heap O' Livin".
I want you to see the CooCoo Clock that hangs above. My mom traveled with friends to Europe several years ago...she had this shipped to us for a Christmas gift. It is such a treasure.


Kat S. said...

Hi there! Stopped by to visit with you for a moment. Your things are wonderful, partly because they are lovely, but also because they are dear memories to you. It's a warm and happy feeling to look at the things that mean so much to us. Thanks for sharing your happy things. And thanks so much for visiting my blog and mentioning me in yours. I appreciate it. Have a dumb question about how blogs work -- is there a way I can respond to your comments on my blog from my blog itself, or do I come on over to see you here to say thanks? I don't know yet how it all works. Thanks for your help.

Kat S.

Renna said...

Your collection is lovely, and all the more so because of the sentiment attached to each piece.

What a sweet thing for your mom to do, mailing you that clock from Europe. I think that would be my prize gift!

BittersweetPunkin said...

What a neat idea for a Thursday post...I could make that one stretch too!!

I have that same exact Cuckoo clock,....I love it!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

There is nothing like a sweet aunt and uncle...and family heirlooms with memories *get me a kleenex*!

Teach me what you know about teenagers! I have 2 boys in that category (and one younger...and they are all very good thankfully....) and I am 1 year into teaching youth at church...who come with baggage! I love them like you do! I want to wave a wand and fix everything while whacking their parents on the head for failing them so badly.