Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top of the World Tuesday

Winning a Blog Give Away II
I love to look at blogs and I like to leave comments when I do...
..so, I was lucky to win this give-away from Debra at Lane Designs. It was so nicely packaged with professional labels. I felt like a celebrity! The pouch is just the perfect size for those card that you need when you're shopping...and it comes with a coordinating key fob...you must check out her site. http://www.lanedesigns.etsy.com/

Second sale in Etsy Shop

My first sale came 6 weeks after I opened my shop...second sale...only 3 days later. I still am pretty excited that someone is noticing my creations!
Today, I shipped this little shelf sitter...pumpkin patch. It would be a nice addition to any fall arrangement.

Officer Carlson Presentation
We are very fortunate to have a school resource officer at Cental High School. He is an employee of our police department and our school district. He is one of my featured speakers in my Personal Development class. Today he talked about his role at Central High School, how student safety is his main concern, and how he handles situations with students here. One of the highlights was the demonstration of his taser.
Do you see the aluminum foil figure in the front of the room. He shoots at this board so the student can see the impact of the probes and the electrical charge given off. It is an impressive demonstration.


Suzanne said...

How awesome is that little bag? Really cute!

Your etsy shop is wonderful. Love all the cute things. As word gets out I'm sure you'll be kept very busy!

Debra said...

Congrats on your second sale!!
I am so glad you like the pouch and keyfob.

glorybe1024 said...

I love the bag and key fob! Congrats on your second sale! I got #2 this morning. Don't you feel validated as an artist and crafter when someone buys your creations?
God Bless!

mgu said...

Congrats! Still waiting for mine :)