Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday

Here is a quick recap:
Monday-Blizzard-No school-Yippee! The downside? Causes havoc in a lesson plan when room utilization schedule is tight. The upside? Much accomplished at home.
Tuesday-Late Start-Yippee for students! When we have a late start, teachers still need to go to school at the regular time anyway. How is this? Teachers are super human and can drive through any adverse road and weather conditions to get to school on time. The downside? Need to adjust lesson plan to accommodate shorter class periods. The upside? An extra hour to plan!
Wednesday-Late Start-See Tuesday
Have I mentioned that this is the week that my hubby was working in the Rapid City area? Normally, I don't mind being home alone, but with the measurable snowfall and extreme temperatures, I didn't like the stress of taking care of the snow removal and vehicle issues.
Thursday-Record Low Temperature-School Lock Down Yes, that says lock down. When I got to school, I was bringing my groceries in when I heard the announcement from our principal. 'We are going into Lock Down...This is not a drill...please move to your safe areas... My co-teacher had 'swept' the students from the hallway into our room and the lights were off and classroom doors were locked. This is a teacher's worst nightmare...All you can think is ...OMG...what is going on? As we learned later, a student had brought weapons to school. When the young man arrived at school, he went into the academic wing, where those doors were sealed off and the students that were coming in from the cold were ushered into the arena. The police arrived, the camaras used to determine his where-abouts, and he was arrested. The downside? That's obvious. The upside? While this particular incident was not a direct threat (meaning, he was not threatening to use the weapons, he says he always carries them, cause that's what they do where he comes from) the administration, the staff, and law enforcement executed our crisis plan to everyone's satisfaction.
Thursday evening-Registration Information Night for 8th grade Students & Parents Yes, after all that, we had to go back at 6:45 to represent our departments to a theatre full of 8th graders and parents. The downside? Again, obvious. The upside? I'm still thinking...
And now it is Friday...I hope my hubby feels like going out...his last home cooked meal was last Sunday, so what are my chances?!!


Renna said...

Sheesh, Natalie, what a week! That lockdown thing had to be quite a scare! :-o

shells said...

Well, you've had an eventful week! I don't blame you for being relieved it's the weekend - I hope you have a lovely, relaxing one!

Deb T. said...

Thank goodness , the school did a good job handling the situation . Very much stress . Hubby needs to take you out to eat . Relax and have fun !

jodi said...

I love the cat photo!!!

And am glad that the lock down worked out so well. But am sorry that you all had to go through that.

Bonghi Vestiti said... did have a week didn't you?
I think you need a shopping spree on Etsy! :)

Ann said...

I don't think anybody is sad to see the end of the arctic weather. Hopefully that's the coldest week of the winter, and it all downhill from here! (Who am I kidding?)

SD Betty said...

What a week, Natalie! Hard to believe our temps can get that cold. Hope you had a super-relaxing weekend!

I Play Outside The Box said...

What a week!!!! I would say you need a good old slice of that Pineapple Banana bread, as soon as it comes out of the oven today! Ü

I'm glad everything turned out ok at the school! Gracious!

Pam said...

Oh you poor thing! What a week! We had a lockdown last year (not a drill) and it was so scary!

MommaB said...

Ok that cat made me laugh...that is tooo funny.

MSM said...

THAT kind of week..........and you still posted.

You inspire me and make all my excuses inadequate.