Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's Topics~some trivial, some not

Amy's Birthday
All parents remember the birth of their first child. It is the moment when you realize what is truely important in life...And you now are completely responsible for another life. This helpless little person is dependant on you for everything. Your own needs have jumped to the back seat...but it is so totally worth it. Here is the first picture taken of Amy & I together, when she is 45 minutes old...and the most recent picture taken of us this past holiday.

Taking the Bus for an Angiogram
So far, all is well...since it was 15 degrees below, the bus was cold. But, in the hospital, mom appreciated the blankets that came out of the warmer. Her Cardiologist called me after the procedure. He is difficult for me to understand, but I do know that "She is doing good for 88 years old". Her gentleman friend (yes, my mom has a 'boyfriend') drove to Grand Forks to bring her home. He is a 'gem' and does so well for nearly 90 years old.
I haven't posted about my classes for awhile so here is an update:
Indpendent Living: Today's guest speaker was the President of Wells Fargo. He spoke about establishing a relationship with your bank, and having financial responsibility when you are on your own.
Fitness for Life: The students created a display with their favorite snack foods and the amount of fat in each one. That is 'Crisco' on the blue plate...representing the fat grams. The first picture shows how much fat is in a frozen pizza. That is for the whole pizza. A serving size is 1/6th of a pizza and most people eat more than that!
The next picture show the fat in a serving of cheese...that's 1/4 of a cup...some of the kids added a handful of cheese to their frozen pizza...
While cheese is a dairy product and is good for you, one has to be careful not to overdo it.
And quite alarming...the amount of fat in one of those little snack size cans of chips. They sell these in the snack bar at school. There are 17 grams of fat or 4 1/4 tsp. of fat in one serving.
Child Development: We watched a video on the Stages of Labor and Delivery. This might be one of the most effective forms of birth control for teenagers!
My Perspective
In Friday's post, I ranked my week's events a 10 or a 2, but after my weekend blog reading I have changed my scores. While students' intentional damage to my lab is of concern, there is nothing in my life that ranks more than a 3. Some of my blog friends are facing health issues of their own; some are coping with serious health issues for their children; and another is grieving the accidental death of a granddaugher. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these families.

Several commented on the size of my knitting needles. Yes, they were a size 35. I used 4 strands of yarn and was able to create a scarf in the time it took the Steelers to win the Super Bowl.
My Give-Away
Here is my give-away gift bag on my dining room table. Remember, that anyone who comments this week will be entered into the drawing. Click here if you have forgotten what is in the give-away bag...


Renna said...

You don't look that different than you did the day your daughter was born. Your daughter looks a bit different now. ;-Þ

Your mom is quite a character! ;-)

M said...

I was thinking the same thing that Renna was! WoW! What's your secret? I think teaching has aged me LOL!

I love to read about your classes and wish there were classes like that at our local high schools. I still don't think I could teach high school again...tomorrow is our 100th Day of School! Party and 100 activities all day long... I will definately need a drink by then!

Carol said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!

I loved your fat content assignment. Great idea to visualize it all. I still remember when Oprah long ago walked onstage with all the fat she'd lost in a wagon.

I'll just bet that L&D video helped some make good choices for their future. LOL

Lori in South Dakota said...

how fast they grow. and I laughed at your mom taking the bus and having her boyfriend pick her up. And you're right, some of the things that happen are just irritating, and become minor bumps in the road.

Quilt Hollow said...

You haven't changed! I mean, you look just about the same as the day you gave birth! How cute...grandma and a boyfriend!

MSM said...

Good grief, you have the most awesome, chock-full posts. I am so glad that you take the time to share with us!

Love your mother's attitude; and Happy Birthday to your 'little girl'.

(Thanks even for the disgusting fat content display...... I'm not having pizza for lunch....)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Happy birthday to your daughter:) Enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you:) You look wonderful.

Michelle said...

Wow that's a lot of fat! And I agree with Renna and M, except those glasses....I think they might have been mine! LOL

emilyhnes272 said...

You're using my heart mug at school!! Hope you like it.

Debra said...

I hope your daughter had a great birthday!!

Fitness for Life....WOW, guess I need to cut back on the frozen pizzas. lol

I wanted to give you a blog award, stop by my blog to receive it.

Muddy said...

Glad your mom did ok on her bus ride and that her friend came to get her afterwards.

sweetiepie said...

I am happy to hear your mom made the bus trip without incident and that she had someone to take her home afterwards. I would have worried the entire time she was gone.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I enjoyed coming to your blog today and catching up :) It's been a crazy week and I've missed stopping in on a daily basis.

I am glad things went well for your mom and that's too cute - she has a boyfriend :)

Anonymous said...