Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Mania & Customer Choice

Today was the first day of the fourth, and final, term of this school, new classes and new students. My course descriptions and student expectations are on my school webpage, so students log-on to view...saves paper. Instead of a computer lab, we have eight of these laptop carts in our school. Each teacher signs up to have them in their room when necessary. These pictures illustrate the wrong and right way to put your laptop away.
At first, this was a big headache. "Teacher, my laptop doesn't battery is dead...This won't let me save...I can't find the printer...I don't remember my password...etc."
But the advantages of working in your classroom with computers for each student far outweighs any problems that arise.

Changing the subject...These pictures are for an Etsy cutomer who is considering this "God Bless America" pillow. I actually have two on hand. You may have your first has calico of navy blue with red and off-white stars. The other is navy blue with off-white dots.
Nadia, just let me know which one you like the best!


M said...

Oh I know the computer saga....we have two carts...but I like yours better because ours the laptops sit vertically. Our lab, once upon a time was manned with a real live assistant through a grant. Now the computers are a mess and set with such high security the kindergartners cannot sign on without help...and all we use is KID PIX! I agree, the computers are a great tool and a paper saver!

Cute are so talented!

Carol said...

Yikes. I can see how all those cords could "strangle" a person just by looking at them. LOL

dee begg said...

Good're in the home stretch! Hey that looks like my hubby's desktop cords!

Anonymous said...

love the pillows!