Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcoming Wednesday

Central's Foreign Exchange students were formally welcomed at a reception after school. This is our Line, with her friend, Helen, from the Ukraine. (Helen is her new American name!)

First, an official welcome from our Principal Uttermark. He is also a graduate of CHS and one who 'bleeds blue and gold' know what I mean!
Each of the 12 students stood to introduce themselves and their host family. They told us about their family at home, their parent's occupation, their hobbies, interests and their school activities.

This is Emilie from Oslo. She and Line have become good friends. We have carpool arrangements with their family, as they live about two blocks from us. This is Hubby's week to drive the girls to school. the way...was a much nicer commute than yesterday....


Nancy said...

Hi Natalie,
That was a nice little get-together for the exchange students. It's nice Line and Emilie are living so close together.


Busy Bee Suz said...

How nice that the kids are so welcomed to the school and community as well.
I just love carpooling!