Sunday, October 4, 2009

College Homecoming~Loads of Tradition

Watching the parade in the yard of the Sorority House is a hopes of finding some KDs from my decade. I wasn't so lucky this year, however Line and Helen got to see the sorority house, get warmed up, and look at the composite pictures from the 70s when I was president. We also have an annual Homecoming Brunch for alumni. The food is always amazing at the KD house.

Emily and her friends made their own T Shirts to wear to the football game.

They even tie-dyed socks to match!
Jake made it to the first half of the game. But, he had commitments with his lacrosse team.

The game was close but unfortunately we did not win...It was still a great weekend and we all had a lot of fun.
What are your favorite College Homecoming Memories?

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emilyhnes272 said...

Yah!! I had a great weekend! I'm glad you guys could come for the excitement... it was a nice weekend, being able to forget about the stress of work and school! Now back to reality. Thanks for coming... see you again this weekend! Love you.