Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Weekend Celebration

The girls and their guys arrived last evening.
It was a beautiful night to sit out on the deck and grill a couple of steaks.

The big birthday party is tonight.
I hope I am not too busy in the kitchen and can take a few pictures to share.
I also hope that it stops raining so all of our guests can be outside to enjoy hubby's new patio.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
Take care,


Oklahoma Granny said...

I know you've planned a wonderful birthday celebration. Enjoy!

Maybe you could re-direct the rain down this way. We could really use it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy all your 'kids' are home!!!
Have a great party, enjoy yourself and have others take photos too!!!

Kathy said...

Hope the party was fantastic. Great photo!

Nancy said...

It's great seeing another pic of your girls with their guys. I hope it was a fun weekend for all of you!


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Wish hubby a happy birthday for me Natalie:) Have a blast! Hugs~CArol