Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tip of the Day~Read Nutrition Labels

My Fitness for Life classes made their Apple Crisps this week.

We use this opportunity to compare
Regular ice cream with Light ice cream.
Regular = 7 gm. fat
Light = 3 gm. fat

However, the Light ice cream has more sodium and more sugar...
perhaps for more flavor.

Some students liked the light better than the regular.

I say...all foods can be a part of your diet, if eaten in moderation.
Be sure to look at your labels and are aware of what you are eating.

The holidays are filled with the most tasty dishes...
And remember...
Moderation is the Key!

Take care,


jodi said...

I used to buy store brands because they were cheaper. But lately I have been looking more at labels. Store brands are not always the best nutrition wise.

Susan said...

That looks so yummy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Susan

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Yum, I love apple crisp and healthier apple crisp would be all the better! I will sure pass this on to hubby too. Thanks Natalie!