Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where the Weekend Went...

We have a bunch of snow here.
Maybe if the mailman can't find our mailbox, we won't get any more bills?!

Even though I have lived in the Dakotas for over 50 years, I am not 'brave' enough to take off on an out-of-town trip during January. However, we had not seen my mom since her 90th birthday party in September...

My hubby was wonderful to take me to her place for a visit.
She is doing well for her age.
We had time for conversation and had lunch with her today at the assisted living facility.

Now...this is why I don't like to drive in the winter...
Can you see the horizon?
The sky and the snow on the ground is all the same color, isn't it?

A few trees helps...however...
the sky is white,
the road is white,
and the ditches are white.

We did come across one bad accident.
It appears that this semi-truck crossed the middle line and went into the ditch...
We hope no one was hurt.

Look who was happy to see us when we got home!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Take care,


Pam said...

Oh, the kitties missed you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't blame you for NOT traveling. This looks super scary to me.
Glad you got to see Mom though, she looks great. I hope she is enjoying her days and keeping busy.
The critters are always happy when we get home. Right?

Pat said...

Your Mom looks wonderful. I'm glad to see she's doing well.

I thinkI shouldn't complain about the weather in Maryland after seeing your temps and snow. Although last year we did end up with several large snow storms.

basketsbyrose said...

Your mom looks wonderful, and so happy you had a great visit.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so happy you got to visit your mom and very glad you got there and back safely.

dee begg said...


I think I would have gotten outta "Dodge" a long time ago with the winters you have. The older I get the less I enjoy winter!

Glad to see that your mom is doing well.


Cathryn said...

There are times to travel and there are times to stay holed up and safe. I'm glad you got to see your mother--we're having issues with both of our mothers right now and need to look at other options.

Glad the kitties greeted you warmly!

Debbie Bert-Shirk said...

Gosh..I don't know how I missed this post about your Mom! I'm so happy you had a chance to visit with her, and I'm sure she was equally thrilled :) Hope she has settled in there and is enjoying her new home..she looks happy!

Angie Berry said...

I'm sure your mom was thrilled to see you. That is a great picture of the two of you! She is looking great, love that smile on her face! I don't blame you for not wanting to drive, yikes! I don't know if I could have made it. Glad you all were able to go and made it back home safely.