Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What'cha Working on Wednesday?

I've been knitting for a few weeks now.
Finishing touches...I added fringe...
My three scarves are ready.
My friend, Karren, made nine scarves.
My friend, Carol, made four scarves.
The same color yarn, but all the scarves are different!
We prepared the package for mailing.
My friend, Joselyn (teacher and Special Olympics Coach) said they looked like sushi rolls.
Some pretty special scarves for some pretty special athletes.

What else am I working on?
We have ordered a new refrigerator...
While this one is OK, the one in the shop is not...
So...we ordered a new one for our kitchen...and we will take this one out there...

Do you see how tight the space is?
We have measured the opening 5, 10, maybe 25 times.
I hope the new fridge fits!!

I will keep you posted.
Meanwhile, trying to use up what is inside!
We will have some pretty creative meals before it's empty!!

and enter the March Madness Give-Away.

Take care,


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

The scarves are beautiful - what a fun project. Thank you for stopping on over - your post on the inifinity scarf caught my eye and I love to look for treasures! I will be visiting often...

Lynette Killam said...

Love your scarves, Natalie...such great colours! I do like to knit up scarves but have run out of people who need them. I'll take a cue from you, and look into what organization might benefit from them...thanks for the idea.

I had not heard of this meme before, but will definitely keep it in mind as a future possibility...:

Imagination Lane

Willoughby said...

The scarves are gorgeous! I always wish I had learned to knit.

I hope your new refrigerator fits! When we bought ours, the biggest problem was getting it into the house. Good luck!

Jody @ Adorable Country Classics said...

Natalie, your scarfs are beautiful! Wednesday I worked on a Gingerbread Door Crown.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The scarves are the colors and the gesture is amazing.
I hope the fridge fits too. You know how I love appliances, can't wait to see your new baby!

Deanna said...

I'm admiring the scarves and the colors are really nice. I love to crochet scarves and afghans for the elderly in rest homes. I feel good when I'm working on a piece knowing that it will be used for a good purpose.

I applaud your thoughtfulness!
Deanna :D

Tolentreasures said...

When we had to get a new fridge, we measured and measured and forgot about adding the subfloor and ceramic tile to the floor AFTER we measured. There were some tense moments as we cut off the bottom trim board on the cupboards. Good Luck.

The scarves are beautiful.