Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day ~ Favorite Post Re-post ~

This is my mom's favorite picture of my Daddy and me. It was taken one Sunday after we came home from Sunday School...oh, probably about 48 years ago. She still carries it in her wallet. Whenever we look at it she says, "Your daddy would have given you the moon,if he could have." She had an enlargement of the photo made for my birthday last year, so I have it framed and on my desk. My Daddy died in 1988. I still miss him...

Here is my Hubby with our two daughters last spring. And you know what, girls? Your Daddy would give you the moon, if he could! 'Happy Fathers Day' to all Dads, everywhere!!

Take care,

Some of you will remember this post 
from Father's Day 2009.
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M said...

Great photo!

Have you read Eric Carle's "Papa Will You Get the Moon for Me?" is very cute.

My dad died in 1973...I was just a kid and never got to know him as a teen or adult...he was 53...which USED to be old to me!

Have a great Sunday :)

jennifer768 said...

Great pics ! Thanks for sharing!Jen

DUTA said...

There even seems to be some physical resemblance between the two Dads: your Dad and your girls' Dad.
Lovely two pictures!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Natalie...

Ahhh...such a dear and sweet post, my friend! I just loved your photos! The photo of you and your Dad is most precious for sure! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful Father's Day repost with us for the Sunday Favorites party today!

Have a wonderful day!
Chari @Happy To Design

rachel said...

Love the pics ~ thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Such beautiful photos. I think you and your girls are very blessed indeed.

Alicia said...

great dad's day post, natalie! i DID make it to arts in the park today...was very fun :) have you ever done a show there? i talked to a few vendors and the said it was a really good show...just wondering if you ever had. hope you had a great day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a lovely tribute to both of your wonderful men!!!
If we could capture the moon, where would we keep it??? :)