Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day and some Unfinished Business

Best wishes for a Happy Labor Day.
Enjoy some time relaxing with your family and friends.

He was one of the main sponsors of the bill to create the Labor Day Holiday. 
He and his wife built a home here in Aberdeen. 
The home did not have a kitchen...apparently Mrs. Kyle did not like to cook.

Remember 'Where Bloggers Create 2011'
I promised to send one of my visitors a gift...
one that was created right here.

I had extended the deadline, as there were still folks making the rounds...
Today, I have chosen, at random,

Carol, please head over to my Etsy Shop to choose one of my Infinity Scarves for yourself.
They can be worn once...twice...
or three times around your neck.
Some are made with a soft knit and add warmth and comfort 
without having any scarf tails to dangle in your work.
(Like your belt sander!)
The silky prints can dress up a jacket,
or even a T Shirt.
A soft green knit...
Or gray and white stripe cotton...
Carol, the choice is yours...
Thank you for being a loyal commenter and good blog friend.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!
Take care,


wickedfaerie said...

Very nice scarf, you are a talented seamstress.

Have a lovely day,

Tolentreasures said...

Those scarves are so nice. Congrats to Carol, lucky winner!


M said...

No kitchen?!

Scarves are beautiful! Yay Firecracker!
Happy Monday off work!

Joyce said...

Your scarves are so pretty. When I have 5 minutes this week (it has been crazy here!) I am going shoppping for one : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't imagine a home without a kitchen!!!!!
The scarves are gorgeous!