Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where the Weekend Went...

...For Starters...It was Homecoming Weekend.
At the Pep Assembly, I sat with the football players.
The cheerleaders and band generated enthusiasm.
Here's the Student Senate and the 'Royalty'...
The Hip Hop Dance Team...
And Drumline brings everyone to their feet.

It was a great start to my weekend.
I have much more to share, but I am exhausted and will post more pics tomorrow.

Take care,


Ann said...

I miss being at the high school and getting to see the homecoming assembly! Our system talked about having a school wide assembly this year, but it fizzled. So I'll be stuck in our Kindergarten/First grade building! BTW - where did the weekend go? ~Ann

Willoughby said...

That brings back memories from high school! I was a cheerleader and I remember how exciting it was to perform at the Homecoming assembly and the Varsity football game.