Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Was Santa Good to You? And a recipe for Elegant Wild Rice Soup...our Christmas Eve Tradition

Lucy loves to lay under the Christmas tree when the lights are on.
I think she looks a little disturbed that there is no longer a place for her there.

Oh, and do you notice how the tree is tilting to the left?
That would be Callie trying to climb up into the branches.
Some of you remember this scene from two years ago.
(Yes, those are new shatter-proof ornaments.)

My best Christmas gift was having our family around our dining room table.
(My mother can no longer travel, so we did miss her this Christmas eve.)

Every year we go to church together and return home for soup and appetizers.
This is our family's favorite.

Elegant Wild Rice Soup
1 cup wild rice
3 cups water

6 tbsp. butter
1 small onion, chopped
1/2 c. flour
3 cups chicken broth

3/4 cup minced ham,chicken or turkey
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1/4 cup vermouth
1 cup half and half

Bring rice and water to boil. Simmer 45 minutes.
Melt butter, saute onion. Blend in flour, gradually stir in broth. Bring to a boil. Add remaining soup ingredients and heat through.

This year, due to a shortage on time, I purchased the cans of cooked wild rice...plus they were on sale and less expensive. Wow, is that a time saver!
Instead of using ham this year, I used left-over turkey from our noon meal.
Hubby said he liked it better...less salty...

While Emily was preparing the soup,
I prepared the TGIF Baked Potato Skins. I just have to make them every year, as the red and green look like Christmas...plus they are sooo yummy!

I received some very special gifts from my family and students.
I'm waiting for some sunshine to take photos.
(I can't wait to show you.)

What are your family traditions on Christmas eve?

Take care,


M said...

Poor kitty!

Soup looks great...I recently found out those crunchy things in the soup I love are slice3d almonds...mmmm, will have to add those from now on to my own soups.

Have a great New Year! Can't wait to see your gift photos!

Nancy said...

Hi Natalie,
The soup sounds yummy; the potato skins look great, too! Your traditions sound wonderful and I agree that having family with us is the best present!


Kit said...

Looking forward to your gift pics. On to New Year's for us and Ham and Bean soup! Have a Happy New Year! Kit

Linda said...

I just looked at your "naughty" post from 2009 - LOL! :)

I love the sound of that soup - since I don't have vermouth I'm wondering if brandy or sherry might be a worthy substitution. Thanks for sharing! Your table and your dining room look gorgeous.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I remember the naughty post....funny since it is over. right?
Both our trees were leaning this year, minus a climbing cat. :)
Having our family around us is always the best gift ever...but those potato skins would make me even happier!!! For some reason, potatoes always make me feel loved.
Happy new year to you and your family Natalie!!!