Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Topics: Studio Destash, Not Forgotten Gift, Online Rummage Sale, Windy Days, NCLB, Dementia, and a couple of Crowns

I was pulled so many directions in December, and I so appreciated a few days at home to regroup...
...starting with my Studio...so many supplies...not enough time.
I am sorting, organizing and listing the extras in my Etsy Notions Shop.

A Christmas gift that didn't make the first blog list is this sweet smelling candle.
Most of my gifts remain under the tree...opened...but still under the tree.
This one had gone straight to the kitchen, and didn't make the first photo shoot.

But, I think Toasted Pistachio Delight is my new favorite!

The on-line rummage sale in our community is going strong.
This item sold today.

Taking photos of our items is my current challenge, as it is dark when I leave for work,
and dusk when I get home.
However, this week, the wind has been a problem.
Very, very windy here...no picture taking out on the patio.

I've been working through some frustrations at school...
this deserves a blog post of its own.

Heavy on my mind is my mom's health.
Her memory has always been so sharp.
I would always call her when I needed family information...until now...

She is remembering less and less every day.

And...last but not least...
I got into the dentist today.
Remember, I had lost a filling and then part of a tooth.

Well, wasn't a tooth...it was two teeth.
And the recommendation?
Two crowns.


That will be 2 hours and 15 minutes in the dentist's chair.
And would you like to see the the projected fees?

Yup...that's for crown #1 and for crown #2.

I would rather spend my hard earned money on just about anything else...
...dishwasher, laptop, camera, gas for my vehicle, family vacation, clothes, boots, groceries, home improvements, etc., etc...

But, I guess, I don't have a choice, do I?!

I'll keep you posted.
Take care,


Angie Berry said...

Sorry Natalie! I'll keep you in my prayers for better days ahead. Hugs to you~

Tolentreasures said...

Oh, how I feel your pain on the dentist bills, nothing I hate to pay for more than that! Thoughts and prayers for your mom!


M said...

Oh...when I read the titile I was hoping for real crowns...you deserve those instead. I just got a crown...fortunately I have really good dental insurance...it's the glasses that are costing me big $$.

It all gets better when the wind goes away :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Natalie,
I'm so sorry about your mother...it's so difficult watching them digress as time goes on - I understand your sadness.

Wow, those are some steep dentist numbers there...whew....


Willoughby said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. It can't be easy for you to go through this with her.

Dental bills...I feel your pain. I had some bad dental work done years ago and now I have to have it all replaced. I'm not afraid of the pain, just the cost!

jennifer768 said...

Big hugs Natalie! I am so sorry to hear about your mom,I will keep her and you in my prayers! Ouch !Bad enough dealing with the pain of the procedure without the headache of the bill!Hugs,Jen

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

That's not the type of crown I was hoping for. {{{Natalie}}} I am so sorry to hear about your mom. That's such a hard thing to go through.

Joyce said...

The cost of a crown is ridiculous. My mom just had one done and has no dental insurance anymore so it's just crazy.

I'm sorry about your mom. That is such a hard thing and I will keep you in my prayers.

chellebelle said...

YUCK, ICK, CRAP! Having been through my own teeth thing lately. AND paying for it, I have to agree. Although, eventually you feel better for it. Sorry about your mom, she is blessed to have you with her always. School? well.. see the first 3 words. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming your way.

jodi said...

Sorry about the crowns. They are expensive. We spent 1100 on Bella when she was sick two weekends ago.
Sorry about your Mom.