Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday & To Host or Not to Host

We are well into the 3rd week of our 4th term of school.
I am thoroughly enjoying my classes and my students.
Here's Adrian with a Basic Foods favorite.
The recipe for Cheesy Pizza Bites can be found here

Adrian is from Germany...he is one of several foreign exchange students at Central this year.
He is outgoing and friendly and I have enjoyed getting to know him.

...and speaking of foreign exchange students,
it is that time of year, when coordinators are looking for host families.

And, again, we have been asked to host a young lady in our home.

Over the years, my life has been enriched by the young men and women who have chosen to spend a year here in our country. I cannot imagine leaving my own family and friends to spend a whole year in a strange place.

And so, again,
we sit on the fence.

If you are asked to be a host family,
It is important to ask a lot of questions, as it is difficult to tell from a simple application form what a person is like. (After all, anyone can fill out the application form)

We feel like we can offer an opportunity for a young person to experience life with an American family, and to attend school in one of the newest and best high schools in our state.
(However, we found that some students are here to be on a vacation from school
and just want the opportunity to travel)

Since both of our daughters will be living a considerable distance from home, 
an exchange student would find our home quiet, perhaps boring...
she would never meet her host sisters...and this makes me sad.
But...she would have the individual, undivided attention of my hubby and me!

We have time, we have a place in our home...
But, we have unanswered questions...

Take care,


Kim said...

You have such a loving and giving family. Praying hat God would direct you in your decisions and give you a peace over them!

M said...

Big decisions...I am sure you will figure it all out...too bad you can't do interviews :)
Happy Thursday!

jennifer768 said...

Such a big decision to make. I will be praying that God points you in the right way.Hugs,Jen