Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Celebration ~~Table for Two, Please

For the second New Year's Eve in a row,
Hubby and I spent the evening at home.

And, under very different circumstances, indeed.
Last year, we had just returned from a
fabulous trip to Boston.

On Christmas Eve, instead of Lutefisk, we had Lobsters!
Jake showed us how he can hypnotize a live lobster.

It was very serious business...

But a night we will certainly remember.

So, when we got home, we were all excited 
to share this experience with our friends.

But, as it turned out, our friends had made plans with their families,
so hubby and I had a little party of our own.

You can see our table is set for two.
The cats will have their treat at the counter.

Instead of the whole lobster, 
we purchased just the tails.
(After all, this is the Midwest, and seafood choices are limited)

We made the tails under the broiler.

Since then, hubby has mastered the Lobster Tail 
by steaming it with a little of his Home Brew.

That was last year.
This year is a completely different story.

There's a "bug" going around our community.
And, it has hit our household.
Hubby has been in bed for days.
Chicken Noodle Soup is on the menu this holiday.

However, we are looking forward to feeling better,
and enjoying some lobster this coming weekend!

I hope this finds you healthy and 
enjoying what's left of the holiday season.

Take care,

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