Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Valentine's Day Recap; Tuesday's Tip of the Day ~Keep your Appliances out on the Counter so you are More Apt to Use Them

It was the 35th Valentine's Day that Hubby and I celebrated together.
Remember, he had not felt well all week, 
so I think he was ready to venture out and about.

We went down to the Historic Ward Hotel.
Yes, that's where our guys play happy hour jazz on Friday nights.
We shared...and it was plenty.
A salad, 3 garlic herb dinner rolls with olive oil/vinegar for dipping,
And Seafood Fettuccini.

And there was live music.
While our guys play on Fridays...
Dave Ross plays on Saturdays.

A friend beside me ordered the special.
It was a Shimmer-tini.
Her raspberry garnish was shaped like a heart.
(Imagine it tipped more toward us, it  was a perfect heart!)

Now for Tuesday's Tip of the Day
If you have a food processor, have it out and use it...
it will be your new best friend in the kitchen!
Hubby bought this Cuisinart for me in 1980, our first Christmas together.

I have used her for chopping onions and peppers,
mixing banana bread,
and here, cutting the fat into the flour for homemade biscuits.

With a couple of pulses, the fat is chopped 
and the mixture looks like course crumbs.

Then you can add the milk through the chute and...

...then you have perfect biscuit dough.

Most of you remember that in December we were 
planning and preparing for our family to come home.

Miss Cuisinart worked overtime that month.

She made desserts and main dishes.
And it was when I was preparing the lasagna for that first meal together,
that she gave up.  My mother-in-law was here to see our frustration.

So, my MIL just went out and 
purchased a new Cuisinart for our kitchen.

Really?  Seriously??
I love her!

In just this last month we have used her several times.

Just check out these fine bread crumbs.

And these sliced onions and potatoes

to prepare this Cheesy Potato Super Bowl side dish.
Stop back often to see what else she can do!

Thank you so much.
I love my new Miss Cuisinart!

Take care,

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Kim Orcutt said...

I need a new food processor!! I like using mine too but it's on it's last leg!