Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things in my House Thursday...The Little Things that Make Me Smile

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
And since it is on a Saturday, there will be many couples out and about.

There is also much excitement amongst the children.
Do you all remember making your Valentine Box to take to School?

Well, up on the top shelf of the closet in my sewing studio,
I have two Valentine boxes.

One was made by Amy and one was made by Emily...
but, I seriously don't remember who made which box.
Both started with a shoe box, covered with paper and fabric.

And both involve some sponge painting, spatter painting, 
hot gluing lace and beads.

Girls, do you remember which box is yours?

So after school today, I climbed up on my step stool to bring those boxes down.
And I also discovered this mystery box.
The girls' Valentine boxes were empty...
but the mystery box was full of delightful memories.

Like this little dolly that I created years ago.

It was like opening a time capsule...
A piece of artwork by Amy.

And a piece of artwork by Emily.

There was also this sweet little wooden heart hanging...
which I promptly placed on my peg shelf.

So... blog followers,
you remember all of my Christmas trees?
and you remember that we took them down three weeks ago??

Well, I cannot tell a lie.
I left this one up.
This is the one on my vanity in my bathroom.
I love that it serves as a night light when I get up in the night.

I had taken the Christmas decorations off and redeorated it with these bulbs
that I had purchased for school a few years ago.

And it just cheers me up in the early morning 
when I am doing my hair and make-up!

Also this photo frame featuring the girls
and my bobble head angel from Aunt Mary...
still one of my favorite gifts.

This post has been long, but if you are still following along...
This is the 35th Valentine's Day that Hubby and I will celebrate together.

I had made a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza 
and a Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cake.

And hubby was not yet 21, 
so he found someone to purchase a bottle of champagne,
along with his purchase of roses and a beautiful card.

My wish for you is 
that you will spend the weekend 
with someone you love.

Family, Friends, or that Someone Special.

Take care,


Kim Orcutt said...

Love your Valentine's tree and all your special memories!

Kit said...

I love your Valentines boxes! That brings back memories. And oh the pic of you and your hubby, so cute! I remember those days. :) This was our 37th Valentine's Day. Kit