Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Awesome Start to a Great Weekend ~A Little More about that Day, 34 Years Ago ~~and a Brief Anniversary Report

We had the privilege to travel with these friends to the 
Eagles Concert in Sioux Falls...

...and this really is the way to go!

photo courtesty of  KELOLAND
It was part of the "History of the Eagles" concert tour.
It all began in 1971.
(I was just a freshman in high school)
They played one hit after another.
These guys played for 3 hours!

We had fabulous seats...
row 9, to be exact.
Thank you, Mike and Barb!

As you know, we are celebrating our anniversary.
Here's a little tidbit about our ceremony.
Pastor Hanson, on the left, had been hubby's mentor throughout high school...
he led the group, "Sounds of Celebration". They played frequently in this area,
and also toured on the east coast. 
Pastor Hanson came from SD to my hometown to marry us.
He stayed in the home of my Godparents, Art and Ann.
(as there were no hotel accomodations in Churchs Ferry)

Pastor Striker is on the right.  He was the pastor at Zion at that time,
he also had a part in the ceremony.

Pastor Hanson was so creative.
The processional brought everyone in,
and we stood along the front of the communion rail.

After the readings and message,
we all moved to stand in this semi-circle around the altar.
It was an intimate setting to exchange our vows and rings.

Everything was perfect...
except we had forgotten to check one small detail.
The Amtrak Schedule.
Google image
That's right.  My hometown is probably only six blocks wide/long,
and the church was only one block from the tracks.
Well, the Amtrak does not slow down through small towns anymore.
When the train came through,
it was quite loud, 
and I think the church shook!
So...I guess there was an unplanned pause in our ceremony!!

I love this picture of our fathers.
After cake, nuts, and mints at the church,
we went out to our farm for a reception.
My mom's church circle women filled our farmhouse kitchen 
to serve ham sandwiches and salads.

Hubby's dad was a school principal, and dressed up for work everyday.
My daddy was a farmer and wore bib overalls to go out to the field.
Many farmers joked about never putting on a 'monkey suit'...
But, here is my a tuxedo for our special day.

I know, this is not a great photo, but here we are at our wedding dance.
Dancing with us, that's our best man, Roger and his wife, Sheri.
We had a little band, 
one keg of beer, 
and folding chairs set up around the perimeter of  our city hall.

My, how times have changed!

Fast forward 34 years...
photo courtesy of
To celebrate our anniversary, we were treated to dinner 
by hubby's mom and sister.
We went out to Mavericks early to watch the big race.

We shared an appetizer...

and the bartenders treated us to a
Hairy Buffalo...
Sweet and Strong,
so glad we shared!

After dinner, the complementary anniversary dessert...
with four forks.

We came home to enjoy the sunset from our patio.

We hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Take care,

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Kit said...

Oh, what a great time for you! Wasn't the race exciting?! Happy Anniversary! :) Kit