Monday, November 30, 2015

Our First Winter Storm ~Do you all still have Leftover Turkey? ~~Here's a Link to my Recipe for Turkey a la King

We have been spoiled with mild weather this fall.
Perhaps that is why we were in denial...
not a Winter Storm Warning!
Therefore, I didn't have a scraper in my car.

As I sat in my vehicle with the defrost on high,
this was the view of my co-teacher's van.
Good news...
She had a scraper,
and I had a broom to brush off the snow.

And we were on our way.
Of course, there was a train.
After all, Aberdeen is known as the Hub City.

The drive was pretty.
Don't worry, since there was no traffic,
I could stop to take a photo of the snow on the trees.

Do you still have a little turkey to finish?
This is a family favorite...

Turkey a la King.

Such good flavor!

Stay safe...stay warm,
and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Take care,


Danice said...

Oh my, the snow. We do not get much snow here in Alabama. Nice photos you took. Thank you for the leftover turkey recipe. We did have some left-overs :)

Kit said...

I had to laugh, we had snow too and my scrapper was in the basement. Just rainy here now. All set for Christmas and enjoying some relaxing time. You have a wonderful holiday! Kit