Thursday, August 18, 2016

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~~Our Foyer ~~~Cleaning our House, Room by Room

Welcome to our Home.
One's foyer creates the first impression,
as it introduces your colors and style of decor.

This little doll greets you when you enter.
I purchased her that summer when I was staying in Devils Lake,
caring for my mother.
I replaced the original scissors with these 
that once belonged to our Aunt Birdie.

I'm quite fond of her.
Her name is Millie.
Whenever I leave the house, 
she always makes me feel great about how my hair looks!

Right above Millie's perch is our mirror
and my grandmother's hats.

Below the mirror,
sits a little chair that our family obtained from the
Normania Township Country School.
This one room schoolhouse was only a mile from our farm.
My mother sat on the election board there for years.

I refinished the chair years ago...
there must have been at least seven layers of paint on that piece!

The beautiful quilt is a gift from my blog friend,

When you enter from outside,
this is the scene...
vintage keys, grandma's hat,
and a sweet picture frame.

Keep reading to learn more 
about this precious piece.

I purchased this tote bag at the 
International Market Place when we went to Hawaii.
Both birdhouses are from our handmade collection.

Earlier this spring I found the perfect Jute Rug for the floor.

Now, more about that picture frame.
This inscription is on the back,
in my mother's handwriting.
She was 19 years old.

These are the names of the girls that 
lived together in that Dormitory.

Over 75 years later,
this message of friendship 
is still perfect for today.

"I wish you joy in whatever you do."

Take care,

I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

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