Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When in Vegas...

Vegas in December is a dream vacation.
While we were there to celebrate a graduation with Nick and Amy,
there were plenty of activities to occupy our spare time.

Our departure was at 5:05 a.m.
It seemed like the middle of the night when we got to the airport!

Despite the extra time spent de-icing our plane,
we made our connection in Minneapolis.

And, our luggage also got on the correct flight!

Then before we knew it, we were in our rental car,
heading toward the Strip.

With a little help from Garmin,
and a lot of help from Google Maps,
We figured out where we needed to go.

Since Nick was still on duty and spending his time 
with end of course assignments,
We enjoyed the day with Amy.
Yes, we had lunch at a Buffalo Wild Wings 
and ran errands at Target.
(Just like home!)

Back on the Strip,
the whole family stayed at the Flamingo...

where, there are flamingos, of course.

Here's a view of the tropical habitat from our room.

We enjoyed mother/daughter pedicures...

...and shopping at the Premium Outlet Mall.
It was chilly for Vegas, but compared to the record setting lows at home,
it was nice to walk around in a light jacket 
to find those last minute Christmas gifts.

Hubby and I loved the time we spent with our daughter
before they head back over seas.
And, Nick was able to finish 
his final tasks at the Air Force Base.

More on that later...

Take care,

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Kit said...

What a lovely get away, especially since the weather you had at home was not so good. :) It looks like you all had a great time and time with your daughter is the best time. :) Happy New Years! Kit