Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy Weekend ~Where the Week Went

It was a short work week for us...
however, it was packed full, and it was exhausting!

It started with one of my favorite holiday traditions...
watching the Rose Parade.

The Air Force band was quite impressive.

Since Monday was the last day of vacation,
I took the opportunity to relax with my favorite quilt,
a Hallmark movie, and Lucy.

(yes, we have an ironing board set up in our bedroom...
hubby and I press our clothing every single morning)

Tuesday was Back to School with Inservice Day.
Large Group Sessions.
Small Group Break-out Sessions.

So much to little time.

We were happy to hear that the Christmas gifts 
that we sent across the pond
finally reached their destination.

Grades were due.

Who else remembers when report cards were written out by hand?
Yes, when I first started teaching, we teachers would make time before school, after school, and during our planning period to go to the office conference room and sort through the file box to write each student's grade on their report card.

Imagine how time consuming that was?!

Now, in our on-line gradebook, 
we just need to hit "POST GRADES".

With the beginning of a new term,
I met 113 new students.

Of course, there will be some challenges,
but I think I am going to like this group.

Hubby and I enjoyed our Friday night out with friends.
Yes, I ordered the shrimp!

Take care,

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Kit said...

I loved the parade this year too! My hubby loved the bus that raised up. I have been catching some movies while covered by my fav throw. Cold and snowy here. Have a great week. :) Kit