Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We ate some delicious food in Vegas...would you like to see what we had for dinner?

Pumpkin Soup
with a pomegranate seed garnish...
such a beautiful presentation.

The first evening, Amy and I enjoyed some pretty special 
Mother/Daughter time at Giada's.
We shared a coupe of small plates.
This one was the Roasted Sweet Peppers.

Everything there, from the decor to the food,
was beautiful.

The next night we were captivated by 

The Kettle Chip Nachos...

...and Mini Pub Sliders were both perfect for sharing.

Night #3
The whole group gathered at Battista's Hole in the Wall
for the finest Italian in Vegas.
Hubby ordered the Mussels...

...and I, the Shrimp with Garlic Butter on Pasta.

The fourth and final night was the formal banquet.

As you know, it is pretty awkward to take pictures of your plate,
especially when you don't know everyone at your table.

So, I don't have a photo of our fabulous meal, 
(there was a dignitary seated at our table),
but here is the sweet dessert.

Our holiday festivities are now a memory.
I hope everyone is rested 
and rejuvenated for a new year.

Have a good week, everyone.

Take care,

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