Thursday, February 2, 2017

This...Is...Precious Cargo ~SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees~~My Hubby and his College Friends are Rock Stars!

Congratulations to these seven young men.
They are the original founding musicians 
of the band, Precious Cargo.
This spring, they will be inducted into the
South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A few of them played together in jazz band in high school...
however, their college years were the best.
As music majors, they shared a vision.
They arranged their own music,
and they entertained at many a High School Prom 
or a College Spring Fling Dance.

This was their promotional poster.

There were other musicans that came and went.
The original seven guys graduated from college,
they secured career jobs, they got married and had babies...
so all were not able to "go on the road".
Other musicians were hired to fill the empty spots.

So the group has grown...
Remember the reunion we had here five years ago?

I look forward to seeing everyone again this spring.
The guys...and especially the "girlfriends" .
We spent a lot of time together, 
watching the guys set up and take down...
but especially listening to them make music!

Precious Cargo

Take care,

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Debbie Bert-Shirk said...

What exciting news for your husband, Natalie! You must feel like a "groupie" now! Kidding, of course..I'm sure the bunch of them are tickled pink to receive such an honor!