Thursday, March 9, 2017

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~The Term Ending Lava Cake Celebration

It's the end of third term.
With Final Projects and End of Course Exams behind us,
we spent the last day of class enjoying these sweet treats.

I know there are teachers that serve on our district's calendar committee,
but I'm going to guess they don't teach a nine-weeks long term class.

Ending the term in the middle of the week just causes a whole lot of stress for the teacher.

Can I still hand in this missing assignment?
Have you corrected our tests?
I missed the final project, how do I make that up?
I need to check in my book...
I need to pay my lab fee...

And then, after a short night at home,
teachers need to be ready to meet new students,
learn new names,
introduce new course outlines,
and discuss classroom expectations.

All, while making a good first impression
and establishing a respectul teacher/student rapport.

But, this is what makes it all worthwhile.

Take care,

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Leaon Mary said...

I'm blown away how beautiful that lava cake looks!
It's going in my recipe file!