Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday Mail Call ~Gourmet Kitchen Gadgets Galore ~This Cook's Dream Package

Upon returning home from one of our family outings,
we were welcomed with a special delivery.
What could it be?

To our tremendous surprise,
a box packed full of gourmet kitchen gadgets!


So many cool gadgets...

My college friend, Debra,
a representative with K & A Enterprises,
shared some of her company's gourmet gadgets with me.

Look at these knives...
almost too pretty to use!

Most of the items were from Kuhn Rikon.
They look fun, but are also so functional.

Check out their site (click here)
you will want one of everything!

From one of her newer companies,
were these two specialty knives.
One for chopping our fresh herbs,
and one for those times we just need some cheese and crackers!

My dearest Debra,
how can I thank you enough!
I love everything and have used several gadgets already.

Now I can retire those knives that were wedding gifts
(36 years ago)
and organize my kitchen with the new and improved.

Thank you, Debra.
I love my surprise box of kitchen goodies!

Take care,

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. What a fun gift! I love kitchen gadgets; I'm going to check on the links. The knives ARE too pretty!