Saturday, July 22, 2017

Our Summer's Highlight ~Spending a Week with Family ~Our Time at Home ~On the Fourth Morning We Said Goodbye #The Empty Nest

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Our goal of parenting...
to grow the roots of responsibility 
and the wings of independence.

And their responsibilities were calling...
It was time to pack their bags 
and return to their jobs, their own homes.

Hubby and I prepared a quick brunch of 
Eggs and Homemade Muffins.

Their rental car was loaded...

...and our travelers were ready for their trip back to the cities.

Then, the nest was empty again.
Our time together went so fast,
but we cherished every moment we had together.

Those of you that are Empty Nesters can relate
 to the conflicting emotions...
It is hard to explain how 
we can be so happy and sad all at the same time?!

Life does prepare us gradually.
First day of daycare...
First day of school...
Last day of school...
Going away to college.

First steps...
First car...
First boyfriend...
Wedding day.

I guess what makes me a little sad is that the memories 
of their time growing up at home are fading.
Maybe we were busy with our own career jobs,
making meals and doing laundry,
and keeping everyone on schedule
with homework and activities.

What makes me happy is so much bigger!
They are married...
married to men that we love like they are our own sons.
They have great jobs and nice homes.

The goal of parenting 
is to work yourself out of a job.

We are proud of you four
and the life you have made for yourselves.

Take care,

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Busy Bee Suz said...

And you should be proud! They are lovely young women who've made great choices in life. I'm sure you miss them terribly, but knowing they are both doing what they love and have great supportive husbands....that's piece of mind.